Trip To Kap-Tsu- Lan, March, 1887






















Letter 1875.04.21















Tues. 1    Rain & mud    

Still under rain went on to Teng-siang-khoe (頂雙溪) and put up for the night in a miserable Inn. The chapel not being finished.

Wed. 2      Rain                  

About noon went to Sin-sia and put up in the house- In the eve. 350 gathered to listen to the Gospel. With A Hoa(阿華)  I bap. 32.Then preached to a packed house.

Thurs.3     Rain drizzling             

Came on to Ta-ma-ien (打馬煙)in the eve. bap. 23 and preached to 156 of our Gospel.

Grand meeting!

Fri.4   Rain and mud                  

Left in the morning and made for Bu-loan(武暖 where at noon we bap.26. Then preached to 100. after which we passed through SaN-kiat-a-koe(三結仔街, called on Tan-hui(陳輝 though absent got a warm welcome. Then went on to Tang-mng-thau董門頭)and in the eve. bap. 19. preached to 140 quite attentively listeners and attended to church matters till late.

Sat. 5

In the morning proceeded to Ta-na-bi,(打那美) bap.6 and preached to 60 to whom the people seemed precious. It was at noon then on to Pho-lo-sin-a-oan婆羅辛仔宛). bap.3. 80 of our converts present. About 3 P.M. came then to Sau-hut.(掃笏)In the Kap-tsu-lan(甲子蘭 plain everyday going 

see Mud paths

through paths of mud about 2 1/2 feet wide. Mud between 3 and six inches deep water covering the rice field on each side all like a lake. In places the paths on a level with the water and here and there a foot higher than the water. Sticky as patty. Hard work Slippery falling and looking anxiously every moment. In the eve. I preached with A Hoa 130 present. Bap. 4. Retired very late-------

Sun. 6

I preached in the forenoon and had communion. 90 communed. 150 present. Went to Ka-le-oan(加禮宛) and under a Banyan tree on a bench I Spoke of God’s Omni presence at noon 90 attend ----Bap. 8----

Went over to Lam-hong-o.(南方澳) In eve. I preached and then bap. 10. after which we commemorate the dying love of Jesus. 140 altogether present 100 communed-----

Mon. 7

Saw 20 Savages

Crossed in the boat and at So-o(蘇澳) extracted teeth, then proceed to Ki-bu-lan (奇武荖)with A Hoa. Stayed in a grass School room. Mr. Colman in the chapel-----

Examining the girls and boys 20 in number on Catechism of New-Tes. And old. Also a Christian book prepared in Amoy(廈門)--- Splendid! All so well up. Not a Words missed. Bap. 10 in the eve. and preached to 113 and again examined the doing.


               A-li-sai etc. all in Tsoan-chiu Toa- o            

Tues. 8

Left  Ki-bu-lan passed Tan-koe-soaN(冬瓜山) and extracted teeth. And then on to Lo-tong(羅東). At both places we were invited in to tea---- after going a little through mud. We came to a nice hard road and at noon arrived A-li-sai (阿里使)Where we found an Ox killed for us and two deer as present for me----

After dinner went to Chheng-kui-siaN(槍城櫃) were invited in to tea. Then to Tiong-chiu-iaN-poaN(中洲營盤) also invited to tea—then to Pat-li-sa(八里沙). Then Ge-bai.(月眉) The valley is like letter D wide at the mouth nearest the Kap-tsu-lan 甲子蘭,噶瑪蘭plain and getting narrower as it run westwards. A wooded range of mountains. Stand on each Side like a wall. There I saw Savages roam. Men were at work digging the soil for the first time. Nothing but tall grass, reeds rash bernes bushes etc. grew. Spears atood in the ground all around the men digging with hoes. Indeed each men had his spear within two or three feet of him. Lest the Savages sh’d make a raid--------

We went up to the village which was not cut and found that the boundary at present.

About 20 PiN-po-hoan(平埔番) accompanied us with guns--- as they Spent much time in the woods hunting deer and the wild boars. Some houses have 50 deer skulls and as many boar skulls in front above the door. The soil a rich black loan and have only to be turned up and Seed put in--------------

In the eve. at A-li-sai(阿里使) the people made a platform in front of the house. In which we stayed, then at dark put a row on each side of bamboo in the ground 10 feet high, oil being poured in the top paper stuck in and lighted. Then I preached, 500 five hundred being present by actual counting. Glorious Meeting! Savages only half mile away in the wooded mountain ranges. The singing was grand! -----


Wed. 9

Went to Chin-chu-li-kan(珍珠理簡) and spent the night. Bap. 12. 320 present. Spoke outside. The people killed and an Ox and sang till midnight. How glorious!



Thurs. 10

Went on to Pi-thau (埤頭)and at noon in the chapel Bap.13. people present 140. all in good spirits—then proceed to Lau-lau-a(流流仔) and held worship outside. Bap. 12. 151 present. Earnest and zealous.


Fri. 11

Went to Ki-li-pan(奇立板) and in the chapel held worship, None Bap, no. Present equal 140

In the eve. at Hoan-sia-thau.(番社頭) They kill an Ox and a pig---

Bap. 12. 130 pressent----


Sat. 12

Went to Sin-a han at 11 A.M. met outside for worship. 160 present---- Took dinner late. At ki-bu-lan(奇武蘭,淇武蘭). 8 Bap. 65 present – At night arrived at Toa-tek-ui(大竹圍) Bap.4, 70 present. Sang till midnight----


Sun 13

Ki-liap-tan(奇立丹) in the forenoon Bap. 12. 130 present. Eve. at Ta-ma-ien (打馬煙), Lord’s Supper observed and 214 present. Preachers 18. in no. there sang till 2 in the morning.



Went on to Teng-siang-khoe (頂雙溪) saw the fine stone chapel going up--- wet---