Dad update 2010

happy New Year!

Dad has now been at the nursing home for just over three weeks. He is slowly settling in. I think he is getting some strength back V he is able now to lift himself with his arms so that he can make himself comfortable in a chair and he is able to lift both his legs a little higher than he could. It is still the left leg, which was broken, which is weaker. He would love to walk again. I have asked the nursing home to see if any additional physiotherapy might be helpful for him. In my heart I fear it is probably now a lost cause, but we must try everything.

Over the Christmas and New Year period Trembaths, the nursing home, have been able to look after Dads spiritual needs V there have been many carol services and daily services which he attends and he receives visits from two chaplains, one Methodist and one Church of England.

Having seen him yesterday I feel he is looking physically better than he has for a long time. The fact that he now has 24 hour nursing care and assistance, as well as nourishing and regular food, appears to be making a big difference. He is still quite a force to be reckoned with V talking to him about things he can remember in the past, he can still laugh and joke and I am still able to tease him, and he expresses strong opinions, clearly reasoned, and describes clear memories. He still cares about his appearance and has self-respect and dignity which the nursing home advocate, and we feel this is great for his general well-being and positive demeanor.

The staff in the nursing home all say they enjoy looking after him because he is always so cheerful, positive and grateful. Lets hope this continues.

Many thanks again for your support,