Chiam Tek-kian and his wife Tan Sin-cheng

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Presbyterian Record, v.57 (February 1932 ) p.58 with a photo [圖像 詹德建.陳信貞 1931]

Chiam Tek-kian was one of our devoted missionaries in Formosa whose death took place on the evening of September 7th (1931) in Mackay Memorial Hospital, at the age of 24 years. Fifteen years of this short life were spent in obtaining his education, six in Public School, five in Middle School and four in the Theological College. After his graduation he chose what was regarded a most difficult task, the rebuilding of a congregation that had been seriously disorganized. In this splendid service however he spent only five months when the illness which resulted in his death compelled his retirement. In his theological course he was active in evangelical work. He was gifted in music and a leader in athletics. He responded while yet a student in a call to the Ami people on the eastcoast, spending a summer in this work. It was his hope to become a missionary to these people.

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