Mr. Ng Ka-ti 黃嘉智(1838-1911)


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By William Campbell. “Sketches from Formosa” 1915 p.369-370 [As to Mr. Ng Ka-ti, see also 《教會史話》 10, 111, 148]

Mr. Ng Ka-ti.

This worthy friend was baptized by the late Dr. Talmage of Amoy, and was admitted to Church membership at Takow in 1867, becoming soon after an assistant in the Mission Hospital there.

He was ordained to the Eldership in 1878, and continued in that office till his death at Tainan on 11th June, 1911.

His long faithful service under Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Patrick Manson, and Dr. Thomas Rennie, was the outstanding feature of Mr. Ng’s career.

His confession of Christ and efforts for the conversion of those around him were not forgotten in the midth of his pressing Hospital duties, and we believe that not a few regarded him as their spiritual father in Christ.

Although he had little book-knowledge of the healing art, he went into private practice when the Hospital was closed owing to Takow having ceased to be a centre for missionary residence; but, being good-natured, easy-going, and somewhat loquacious, Mr. Ng’s business did not yield him much of an income.

There were genuine expressions of regret when he passed away, and every one had a kindly word to say of him.

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