Dr. P Y Liang (梁炳元 醫師 1913-1982 )


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By Stephen Chen 陳中潔 Posted to the Taiwanese Site. Part of the article with title“Dr. D Liang; Dr. and Mrs. P Y Liang 梁道; 梁炳元; 梁許春菊”

Dr. P Y Liang (梁炳元 醫師,1913-1982; Niu,Peng-goan in Romanized Taiwanese,) [ See also 梁許春菊(陳中潔.英文) ]

Dr. P Y Liang (梁炳元 醫師 1913-1982) was the eldest son of Dr. Dow Liang (梁道) . He had often been called Elder Liang and a saint by many friends. Graduated from Fengtian Manchuria (奉天now Shenyang) Medical School and served few years in the nearby city, Dr. Liang brought his family back to his hometown ShinHua to practice medicine.

-- Influenced by his elder sister, P Y Liang was baptized to be Christian at the age of 17 and never looked back. -- Served the church as early as in his medical student years till his final days including the leadership in medical ministries within the Presbytery of Tainan.

-- His involvement in local church across the board was seen as an essential and crucial part of the ministry. He was also in charge with the local chapter of the Taiwanese Medical Association among other charities.

-- He volunteered to staff Shin-Law Clinic (the first Westernized medical facility in Taiwan 新樓診所-新樓醫院的前身) one afternoon a week during his peak of practice.

He equipped his clinic with up-to-date medical books and a Bible which he read while taking his breaks. He was very much loved and respected by his patients and the neighbors as well as the members of the churches throughout the Tainan County. He used to sleep in a bedroom above the door of his office until very late age, so if any patient knocked at the door during the night, he would not miss it.

-- Not a well known public speaker, occasionally Dr. Liang would make a speech for the Gideon society meetings. His simple words were so touching that brought listeners to tears. Dr. Liang would credit the success to his friends who never ceased to support him with prayers.

-- Dr. Liang’s favorite scripture: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your insight. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 NRSV) Simple and straight, yes. Easy, not really.

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