Rev. Dr. Mao-Rong Hsieh (Sia Bou-eng 謝茂榮)


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Finley-Sunset Hills Mortuary and Sunset Hills Memorial Park, Aloha,Oregon Obituaries

Brief Biography of the Late Rev. Dr. Mao-Rong Hsieh Ph.D.
The late Rev. Dr. Mao-Rong Hsieh was born in Pei Her Church of Tainan Consistory Church to his father Reverend Fu-Yuan Hsieh and his mother Chao-Mei Mu. He was the fourth child among five children. Two elder sisters are Hsiou Er and Hsiou yan; one elder brother is Pastor Mao-long. There is a younger brother, Mao-Yao. Among the three brothers, he and his eldest brother followed the pace of their father, becoming pastors. The entire family is all faithful children of God.
His Pastoral Chronicle:
  1. June 1980 – graduated from Tainan Seminary School
  2. June 1998 – graduated with Doctor of Ministry from Taiwan Seminary School
  3. August 1980 to August 1982 – Pastor at Zhu-Tang Church in the Zhang-Hua Middle Branch of Taiwan Presbyterian Church
  4. September 1982 to August 1985 – Pastor at Xin-He Church in the Tainan Middle Branch of Taiwan Presbyterian Church
  5. September 1985 to December 1999 – Pastor at Hou-Bu Church in the Taipei Middle Branch of Taiwan Presbyterian Church
  6. December 1999 to September 11, 2012 – Pastor at Portland Taiwan Lutheran Church in Oregon, USA
He went into the holy matrimony with the second daughter of Elder Zhu-Hou Shih at Tainan Nanmen Church on January 2, 1979. They gave birth to two daughters.
Reverend Hsieh was on his way to visit church members at 6:30 pm on September 4 (9:30 am September 5 Taiwan time) when he suffered a brain vessel hemorrhage at the garage of his residence. He was then taken to an emergency room and never became conscious since. He passed away at 8:00 pm on September 11 (11:00 am September 12 Taiwan time) and returned to the Lord to rest. Reverend Hsieh had been a loyal and faithful servant, earnestly serving the Lord. God loved him, providing him with perfect end of life. God loved him and loves us too. Blessed by God, we as his survivors; are deeply experiencing God's help and guidance. Also, God will remember all those who heard the news and showed concerns and offered prayers throughout the world.

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