Biography of the Reverend Kun-Yuan Chang


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by Yi-Hong Cho of
Ta Tao Chen Church in Taipei, Taiwan 中文略歷)

The ancestors of the Reverend Kun Yuan Chang, Pastor Emeritus of Ta Tao Chen Church in Taipei, immigrated from Fu-Zhian Province to Taiwan more than 200 years ago. The family settled in Lan-Yang and farmers. Rev. Chang's father, the third pastor of this church, served with his wife. My teacher, the Rev. K.Y. Chang was born on May 13, 1905. He was the eldest of ten children, 7 boys and 3 girls. As a child, Kun-Yuan was very bright and mature. He benefited greatly under the nurturing and guidance of his parents.

Kun-Yuan was very clever and witty. Upon from school in April of 1919, he was admitted to Tarn- Sui High School and graduated in 1925. To help out his family, he worked for Taipei Regional Court, His desire to work in God's ministry led him to enter Taiwan Theological Seminary in April of 1928. During the four years of school, he studied diligently day and night. In March of 1932, he graduated with honors.

Kun-Yuan became an evangelist in March of 1932 and was appointed to Su Auo Presbyterian Church. From then on, he dedicated  his life to God's work. He served there for four years, integrating what his education into everyday practice. In March of 1936, he transferred to this church, to help  his father with the ministry. In February of 1939, he passed the necessary writing examinations for ordination. On September 13, 1939, Pastor Change's father died while still m the ministry. On December 3, 1939, Rev. Chang was called to be the fourth pastor of this church. The church flourished under his leadership, Besides his regular church ministry. Pastor Chang was very involved withhelping the needy, Regardless of the distance he needed to travel, he paid special attention  to visiting sick and poor church members. He paid detailed attention to weddings and funerals. With funerals in particular, he always took care of all matters for the family in mourning. During their time of suffering, he provided comfort and care. For many years, he cared for the Northern Mountain area churches, often traveling into the mountains despite the dangers. He was always happy to make friends with the Aborigine Christians and gave them encouragement.

On April 6, 1975, a branch church, Bai. Ling, was established. On January 1, 1978, church, Lan Chou, was established, in addition to pastoring this church, Pastor Chang served in the General Synod, Regional Synod, Presbytery, and other ministry organizations. On December 31, 1984, Pastor Chang retired from the ministry at Ta Tao Chen and became the first PastorEmeritus in this church's history.

Pastor Chang married Miss Su-Feng Lin, on June 20, 1934. They had a very loving, fulfilling, and lasting marriage. Mrs. Chang was the loving, gentle wife that cared for her husband, nurtured their children, and took of all  the family matters. The couple had a of 12 children, 7 boys and 5 girls. Each has a happy and loving family. It is rare to have an entire family devoted to serving the Lord. Yet, Norman, 3rd son, our church's Assistant Pastor and is now the pastor of the Bowne Community Church in N.Y. Jen-Li, 4th daughter, is the pastor at Li Tze Jen Church.

The eldest son and the 4th son are both elders for this church. The 6th son is a deacon, the 3rd is a deacon and Sunday School Superintendent, and two sons-in-law are
also deacons in all of their respective churches. This family is blessed by God and dedicated to serving the Lord. Pastor Chang was healthy and strong, excelling in many different through hard work and dedication. In sports, he excelled in and field, rugby, baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, mountain climbing, swimming, and fishing. He was a musician, playing the accordion, piano, guitar, saxophone, and singing psalms and hymns.. He was an at -planting flowers and trees. His numerous did not easily. It took a deal of practice and effort, for only 10 % was innate ability and the other 90%, diligence and persistence.

 After retiring, his health deteriorated dramatically. His severe diabetic condition led to foot infections which also spread  to other of his body, causing tremendous discomfort and pain. In 1985, he .lost one leg to the disease, and then in 1988 he lost the other leg. He was bound to a wheelchair and relied on his children and grandchildren to help him get to Sunday Worship each week. His health continued to deteriorate and in March of 1997, he was hospitalized for emergency treatment. The treatment was successful and Pastor Chang was released on April 15, 1997 to recuperate at home. It seemed that all was well at home until the morning of April 26, 1997 when Pastor Chang became very weak. He was rushed to the emergency room. The  doctors diagnosed it as either heart failure or stroke. They were unable to save him; he passed away at 11:20 a.m. Rev. Kun-Yuan Chang returned to his heavenly home at the age of 93.

Pastor Chang was a man of integrity, very disciplined, and faithful to the ministry. Pastor Chang workws hard for 65 years serving the church. It seems so unfair that in his
old age. he did. not have great wealth and had poor Health. His dedication, and zeal, and tolerant spiriy left a loving example for us to follow. "I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. From now on is reserved for me the crown of righteousness."  These are the words the Apostle Paul left for Pastor Chang.

Pastor Chan served this church for 61 years. He loved all the members, helped them to grow spiritually, taught the word of God, and was faithful to the end. We are grateful to him; he will forever be in our memory.

Translated by J. Kwok 


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