Rev. George W. Mackay to British Guiana



The Presbyterian Record. March 1943. p.77


Rev. George W. Mackay By Rev. Dr. W.A. Cameron:-

Rev. George W. Mackay, who was for many years on our Mission Staff in Formosa, was appointed by the Board of Missions last March to our field in British Guiana. Preparation were made for him and Mrs. Mackay to leave Miami in August by plane, as sea travel was very dangerous. However, on the very eve of leaving, their seats were commandeered by the military authorities. Though constant efforts had since been made to send them forward, these were without success.

Early in the New Year Mr. Mackay took charge of our church’s work at Leaside, near Toronto, as the way seemed closed to their being sent to British Guiana. The work of Mr. and Mrs. Mackay was much appreciated in this young congregation. However, without warning, opportunity appeared for them to leave for British Guiana, if they could be ready within forty-eight hours. The last legal barrier was overcome fifty minutes before the train left. They were delayed a few days at Miami and for two weeks at San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, they reached their destination on Friday, February 12th, without mishap.

Mr. Mackay will take over immediately his duties as Superintendent of Education for our Church. He will have under his supervision two High Schools and 30 elementary schools. He will likely also assist Rev. James Dickson in instruction in the Bethel Theological College.