To The Church In North Formosa



The Presbyterian Record. September, 1939. P.281


The Response of The General Assembly to the greetings brought by Mr. George W. Mackay and presented at the meeting in Midland in June (1939).

To the Fathers and Brethren of the Presbyterian Mission in North Formosa:-

The General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, sitting in Midland, Ontario, was deeply moved by the message conveyed to it by Mr. George W. Mackay from the Presbyterian Mission in North Formosa.

Your greetings came in the spirit of warmest affection, as from a daughter-church to her mother, and it is the desire of the fathers and brethren here to send a message in return in similar terms.

You have conveyed to the Canadian Church your thanks for sending the Rev. Dr. George Leslie Mackay to you wit the Glad Tidings of Salvation, and for te noble succession of missionaries up to this day. It was most cordially accepted and on our part we also thank God for every remembrance of Him and of you, our fellow members in Christ and workers together in His Church.

It is te Assembly’s desire to make a record of it, tat you may learn how your present leader, Mr. George W. Mackay, was welcomed home to the Church of his fathers, and in describing “Beautiful Formosa’ how he led us again to see not only the loveliness of its mountains and plains but more particularly the evidences of the Christian graces in the character of your own ministers, elders and people.

“They that be wise shall shine as the rightness of the firmament and they that turn many to righteousness as te stars for ever and ever”--Daniel 12:3