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J. Margaret Barclay  《長女青年》1973616 p.3;又收載於《台南東門巴克禮紀念教會百週年紀念冊》2003 p.169

巴瑪俐,受英國長老教會派來的女宣教師,1958年到臺,任教於台灣基督長老教會所屬的長榮女子中學,而於19747月回英國。她父親Dr.George Barclay 即是巴克禮牧師(Rev. Thomas Barclay, 1849-1935)的姪子。

I have lived in Taiwan for fifteen and a half years. Apart from a year in Taipei, studying Chinese, I have spent most of my time in Tainan, teaching in Chang Jung Girls’ School.

I have seen many changes during the past 15 years. There are more people and bigger towns. There are better roads and more traffic on the roads. There are more trains, but it is more difficult to buy tickets! There are more factories and there are more goods in the shops. The cities are noisier and many people are going to the country at weekends, to visit interesting places or to climb mountains.

Three are more students and more schools. The students have changed, too. Perhaps some  do not work so hard, but they are more ready to ask questions and to discuss the subjects they are studying. Asking questions is a very important part of education.

What have I been teaching?

Most of my time I have taught English conversation in school, but I have had several evening classes for university students, for the China Youth Corps, for teachers and various other people. Now there are many good text-books and new methods for teaching English Conversation, but these are more effective with smaller classes.

Last term, I taught a course on Byron’s poetry in Chengkung University Night School. This poetry was written at a time when Industry was growing rapidly in England, and many people were afraid that the beautiful countryside would be spoilt by too many big towns and dirty factories.. Today this poetry is relevant to Taiwan, as well as many other places.

A few years ago I taught a course in Tainan Theological College on Teilhard de Chardin.  This French Catholic Priest was also a famous Geologist and interested in working out a philosophy of science and religion, based on the Evolution of Matter, Thought and the Christian Faith.

But I have been most interested in teaching Biology in school. This is a very important subject, for it can help us to understand ourselves better, and to know more of the world in which we live. But reading books is not enough! Taiwan has a very rich Fauna and Flora and I feel it is important for students (and other people) to get out into the country, to climb mountains, to search the ponds and streams, and discover the wealth of plant and animal life.

Sometimes in July I shall return to England, to continue teaching Biology and to help my sister to look after my mother. Of course I shall be glad to get back to my family in England, but I shall be very sad to leave Taiwan where I have lived for so long and have so many friends. 


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