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The Messenger and Missionary Record [April 1,1874] p.89-90

From the Rev. W. Campbell, Taiwanfoo, 31st December, 1873.

Winnowing after Reaping

We have had rather an unusual amount of trial and depression in our work during the past year. I think in a previous letter I referred to the circumstances under which our  helper had to be recalled from Pansanchhu. Almost from the time we opened a station there, the Christians were continually annoyed by bands of hostile neighbours, who did everything they could short of open persecution to hinder our assistants’ work. It was with a view to escape these troubles, and yet to retain their connection with th.e Church, that about six months ago the greater number of the worshippers at Pansanchhu migrated to a place within easy walk of Alikang (阿里港). Only some four or five brethren were left. It also happened then that our hands were weakened through the dismissal of two of our helpers of two of our helpers. We were meanwhile reluctantly compelled to withdraw our assistant from Pansanchhu, so that our stations now number only twelve, as compared with the thirteen of last year’s report. Then, not only have the admissions during the past year in Taiwanfoo and at Baksa (木柵�� been fewer than we should like to say, but frequent cases of discipline have also God is overruling those more painful experiences for the preservation and growth in grace of His own dear people. Our hearts are often sad and grieved within us in the midst of our truly responsible work, but we feel quite convinced that there is little ground for serious concern as to the ultimate safety and progress of that work. It is not man’s cause, but the cause of Him who, if He be lifted up, will draw all men unto Him.




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