Written from Hong-lim


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The Presbyterian Record. August 1933. p.55

Leper work Dr. Gushue-Taylor

This is being written from Hong-lim (Horin 鳳林 ) one of our stations on the east coast. Four days ago I left Taihoku (台北) to visit the east coast in the interest of our Leprosy Colony (樂山園)collection. The first three days I spent at Karenko (花蓮港) including Sunday where I spoke at two Sunday services.

An incident happened this noon which I shall relate. I was taken by Dr. Tiu Chhit Long (張七郎), one of our enterprising elders, to call on the chief Japanese government official of the district.. After hearing of my mission, this official remarked, “You always find the Christian Church in the lead in matters of social service.”

I have just been asked to address the local church at a meeting this evening. Wherever I go I find intense interest in this work for those afflicted with leprosy. It is most interesting to be able to combine the colony work with visitation of the churches. There is here a young Formosan lady teacher who has been working in the church very acceptably for five months. I dropped in at the church at about 4.30 this afternoon and found her surrounded by a group of a dozen or more children preparing for Christmas festivities


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