Council Appreciates Mrs. Ritchie


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李庥牧師娘,伊萊莎.庫克(Eliza C. Cooke,1828~1902年),1867年12月13日隨同李庥牧師來臺。1879年9月29日牧師因熱病在臺灣府城逝世,牧師娘與一子繼續住在府城。1880年2月26日臺南教士會得到通知。母會女宣道會(The Women's Missionary Association)接受李庥牧師娘為該會在臺灣女教士(Lady Missionary)。1880年11月下旬李庥牧師娘因病歸國,1881年12月19日再來臺。 1884年6月13日李庥牧師娘因病歸國。同年7月15日台南教士會決議表彰李庥牧師娘,如下:

Tainan Council Minutes, July 15, 1884.. Revs. Campbell, Barclay, and Thow; Mr. Ede.

11. The Minute relative to Mrs. Ritchie’s departure was presented, and Mr. Campbell was instructed to have it entered here, and send a copy to Mrs. Ritchie, and one to the Committee of the Women’s Missionary Association. The Minute reads as follows:

The Council cannot allow, Mrs. Ritchie’s final departure from Formosa on 13th ultimo to pass without placing on record an expression of respect for her as a worthy colleague and as one who has been honoured to accomplish a long continued work of usefulness in China. Mrs. Ritchie arrived in Formosa with her husband towards the close of 1867; and since that time, first, along with Mr. Ritchie, and after his death in 1879, as an Agent of the Women’s Missionary Association, rendered faithful service in instructing the women and children at Takow, Taiwanfu, and at many of the country stations. Her colleagues rejoice to know that, through her efforts, money both old and young have been enabled to read the Word of God for themselves, and they have much satisfaction in recording their appreciation of er self-denying efforts in carrying out the wishes of her husband towards the establishment of Girls’ Training School at Taiwanfu. The members of Council part from Mrs. Ritchie with the prayer. That God may even increase her usefulness at home, and aid her especially in so training her son that he, too, may become a blessing to others, perhaps by labouring here or elsewhere as a missionary amongst the heathen.


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