Council Appreciates Dr.Russell


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盧嘉敏醫生(.Dr.Gavin Russell1866-1892) 受英國長老教會的派遣,於18881222日(清光緒拾肆年)抵台,1890428日,在大社成立醫館,也定期到彰化巡迴門診,是中部醫療傳道的先鋒。1892423日,不幸感染嚴重的傷寒,病倒,73死於自彰化往台南就醫途中的嘉義,享年僅25歲。茲錄台南教士會表揚他的紀念議錄,如下

Tainan Council Minutes, July 12, 1892. Revs. Campbell, Thow, and Ferguson; Dr. Anderson. 1. The Minute referring to Dr. Russell’s death was read and approved of after several slight changes had been made, the Secretary being instructed to forward copies to the Convener, Dr. Barbour, and Mr. Russell. The following is a copy of the Minute as sent home:

It is with sincere sorrow that we have to record the death of our colleague, Dr. Russell. He died at Kagi on 3rd July when being conveyed from Chianghwa to Taiwanfu. As a Mission, we deeply feel our loss, and when we call to mind his true-hearted  genuineness towards both Chinamen and Englishmen, we cannot help despairingly asking the question. Who will ever be able to take his place in the work of Christ in Formosa? As individuals, too, each of us feels he has lost a true friend. Cut off at the early age of twenty-five, and having spent only about three years and half in China, he yet accomplished a noble work. The greater part of his first year in China was spent in Chinchew; and five months ago, when he revisited that city, it was most pathetic to see the love and true respect all had for him. His skill as a physician , his kindness and firmness as a man, coupled with his sterling Christian character, won for him the highest regard and friendship of the Chinese with whom he came into contact. Even on his deathbed, although the names of those dearest to him were oftenest on his lips, still he frequently regretted his inability to render any further service to some on whom he had operated a few days before his own illness began. His career was too short for him to see much direct spiritual fruit from his work, but those who saw his daily intercourse wit patients fell that the great aim of his life was to win them for Christ. He has gone from us, and our hearts are sore. We keenly feel our own loss, but the loss sustained by his loved ones at home calls for our deepest sympathy and earnest prayer. 



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