In Memory of Ms Isabel Taylor


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Taiwan Church News. Occasional Bulletin, V.9, no.2 February 1992.p.15

Longtime missionary Ms Isabel Taylor passed away in Canada in early January. Her funeral was held on Jan.11th, 1992. She was 83 years old.

Isabel Taylor’s life was interwoven with the PCT and the people of Taiwan for more than forty years. She was first sent by the Presbyterian Church in Canada to the island of Formosa (Taiwan) in 1931. She was an 18 year-old music teacher. She taught music at the Tam-Kang Girls’ School in Tamsui, northern Taiwan. Seven years later she became leader of the Taipei Choir and also taught at Taipei Theological College and Tamsui Women’s School. 

In 1940, due to the outbreak of hostilities with Japan (which governed Formosa as a colony from 1895 to 1945) Ms Taylor and other foreign missionaries were forced to leave the island. But in April of 1947 she returned and once again taught music at Tamsui’s girls’ school. In 1958, Ms Taylor became secretary of the Hymnbook Committee of the PCT and moved south to Tainan where she taught sacred music at Tainan Theological College. 

After seven years in Tainan she returned to her beloved Tam-Kang Middle School in Tamsui where she continued teaching until her retirement in 1973. 

Ms Taylor’s life-time of dedication to the cause of teaching sacred music and her contributions to the worship life of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan re recognized  and remembered by generations of her students, both in Taiwan and in Taiwanese-speaking churches around the world. We mourn her passing. But we also celebrate her life which so enriched the church and people of Taiwan.



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