Death of Father Rondeau, 隆道行神父

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隆道行神父(Rev. Rondeau, Marcel M.E.P.),1970年6月19日病逝於香港。

錄”Examiner “ 3rd July 1970 及1970年7月3日《公教報》的簡報如下:>

Father Rondeau was born on 7 May 1899, in Rheims, France. He joined the Society of Missions Etrangeres de Paris, and was ordained a priest on 6 June 1925. He arrived in China in 1925 to be a missionary in the Diocese of Swatow, Kwangtung. He left mainland China in 1951 and stayed in Bangkok until 1953 taking care of the Swatow Catholics there. He was then transferred to Taiwan as a missionary in the Diocese of Hwalien. He came to Hong Kong for a rest and medical treatment and died in Queen Mary Hospital on 19 June 1970 and was buried in the cemetery of the Mission de Bethanie of Hong Kong. ”Examiner “ 3rd July 1970


隆道行神父(Rev. Rondeau, Marcel M.E.P.),聖名 瑪爾瑟祿 ,1899年5月7日出生於法國龍士城。巴黎外方傳教會會士,於 1925年6月6日晉鐸,年方26的青壯年歲,於同年(1925年)外方傳教會奉派他來中國在廣東汕頭教區澄海堂區傳教。大陸淪陷之後於1951年離開中 國大陸到泰國曼谷照顧廣東潮籍華僑教友。1953年轉往台灣花蓮教區春日堂區傳教,直至1970年離開春日,同年6月19日晨7時50分,病逝香港瑪麗醫院,享年71歲。安葬於香港伯大尼墳埸。