Rev. Loh Sian-Chhun, D.D. 駱先春 牧師 1905-1984


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By Stephen Chen 陳中潔 Posted to the Taiwanese Site!

- A humble pastor
- A composer dedicated to church music
- One of the pioneers in the ministries to the Taiwanese aborigines
- Part of the 20th Century Miracle in Taiwan

If you are a Christian from Taiwan, chances are you may have sung one of Rev. Loh’s hymns (his first one: O Hear Us Our Most Holy Heavenly Father 至聖的天父,求你俯落聽 ) or heard about the stories of his two well known sons: î-jîn 維仁, an international known Biblical scholar, and î-tō 維道, a gifted church and folk musician. And in her article, the evangelical church musician Ms. Cheng (鄭敏熙) called Rev. Loh, “…a living history of the church music in Taiwan.”

You might have also heard the so called “Miracle of the 20th Century in Taiwan (二十世紀的神蹟)" within the world wide church circle. A handful of pastors had changed the way of life among the majority of the Taiwanese aborigines. The key figure was of course the Rev. Dr. James I. Dickson (孫雅各牧師 1900-1967) who, besides running the Taiwan Theological College, had established four presbyteries and 385 churches among the Taiwanese aborigines mostly in the eastern part of Taiwan, with the help of his former students like Rev. Loh Sian-Chhung, Rev. O’ Bûn-tî (胡文池牧師) among others.

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Brief Biography of Rev. Loh Sian-Chhun:

  • Born in Tam-Sui, Dec 15, 1905

  • Graduated from Taiwan Theological College, 1931

  • Advanced study at the Central Theological Seminary, Kobe, Japan 1931-1933

  • Minister to Sin-Tek (新竹) Church, 1933

  • Teaching at Tam-Kang Middle School (淡江中學) 1934

  • Editor of the Presbyterian Church Hymnal Committee, 1935-1967

  • Pastor of Sam-Kiap (三峽) church, 1937-1945

  • Jailed (for 66 days) with Elder Tân (陳文贊) for their Christian faith, Dec 8, 1941

  • Teaching at Tam-Kang Middle School, 1945-1947

  • Full time itinerant pastor to various Taiwanese aborigines 1947-1967

  • The hymnbook of Ami (���美族語聖詩) published, 1958

  • Honorable retired, 1967

  • Awarded Doctor of Divinity Degree by the Taiwan Theological Seminary, 1982

  • Passed away, Feb 28, 1984  

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