Miss Kinney’s Report for the year 1907


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The Presbyterian Record, vol.33, no.7, July 1908, p.310


首任校長為金仁理姑娘(Miss Jane Kinney) Macleod, Duncan The Island Beautiful, p.190

Miss Kinney
During the first part of the year (1907), my time was entirely occupied with language study. It was continued throughout the year but as other things crowded in less time could be given to it.

In April, in company with Miss Connell, I paid a visit to the mission in Amoy and Chin-chew, China, with a view of getting ideas and suggestions for organizing and carrying on Girls’ School work. Close study of work .carried on by the three missions in those centers- the English Presbyterian, the London Mission and the American Dutch Reformed- has helped us to avoid some blunders and thus saved from consequent future worry.

Upon return, I began laying plans for the opening of the Girls’ School. During the summer months, under the supervision of Mr. Jack, a wall was built around the school grounds and the old building repaired and thoroughly cleaned and made ready for receiving the girls.

Circulars were prepared and freely distributed. These announced the date for opening, the aims of the school, and some rules regulating it, the subjects to be taught, and conditions and agreements for admission to the school. The subjects taught are the ordinary branches of elementary school work, including singing, in the vernacular, and Japanese. Provision is also made on the calendar for instruction in English, if desired.

In addition to this, in company with Miss Connell, I did some itinerating, with the purpose of awakening an interest in the school, and visited about a dozen of the principal stations. By making appointments beforehand, that the people might assemble, and by spending a few hours, or by passing a night in a place, and by visiting in the homes of possible students, in a few days we succeeded in getting several girls promised for the school. We also saw and heard of others that are possible students for another year. On October first, the school was opened with 23 pupils. Later, 2 more were received. Handicapped with very limited knowledge f the language as yet, the beginnings have been difficult and imperfect; but yet some progress has been made. In the three years, for which we make preparation, I hope the Chinese girls may be a decided improvement in the home life, greater activity in the church, and.all uniting in bringing honour to our Father in heaven.

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