Rev. Kenneth Kepler, 1906-1999


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In Memory of Rev. Dr. Edward K. Knettler, February 21, 1916-October 23, 1999

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Edward K. Knettler was horn in Philadelphia. PA and died at his home in Elkton, MD. He is survived by Jean, his wife of 58 years, his son, Paul of Elkton, MD, Daughter, Marilyn (Knettler) Canada of Lancaster, PA, son, Timothy of Trophy Club, TX, and son, Christopher of Alpharetta, GA; 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Rev. Knettler was a long time missionary and pastor to the Chinese people. He started his ministry in 1938 and went to Szechwan China with his wife, Jean. In 1946. And then to Taipei, Taiwan in 1953 where he founded the Wesley Methodist Church which grew to a membership of 1600 with a medical clinic youth center and daily kindergarten of 600 pupils. Rev. Knettler helped organize the Taiwan Conference of the Methodist Church which has 20 churches. He served as trustee of Soochow University, Wesley Girl's Middle School, the Gladys Aylward Orphan Home, and the Taiwan Theological Seminary as well as was the President of the Christian Leprosy Mission ministry to 1600 leprosy patients. He was Director of Church World Service Relief Distribution Center at Wesley Church.

Rev. Knettler also has had a ministry to the Chinese people in the United States. He served as Director of Mission to Chinese Seamen as pastor to the Chinese Gospel Church in Philadelphia. PA as a board member of On Lok Corp. Housing for Elderly in Chinatown and of the Philadelphia. Chinatown Development Corp and as pastor to the Wilmington Chinese Evangelical Church in Hockessin. DE. He had most recently been Director of the Christ Center Gospel Mission in Elkton. MD.

Rev. Knettler in addition to his ministry to the Chinese people has pastured several American churches. While still in college, he was student pastor of the Evans burg Methodist Church in Collegeville. PA. He then pastured the Harriman Methodist Church in Bristol. PA. Where he and Jean were married. He pastured the East Falls UMC in Philadelphia., the Boehm's UMC in Lancaster Co., PA. And Long Memorial UMC. Also in Lancaster to Co., PA.


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