Robert Donnell McCall (1927-1997)


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Taiwan Church News. Occasional Bulletin, V14, no.3 May/June 1997. p.16

A lifelong missionary, Robert Donnell McCall(馬好留), known as Don to colleagues and friends, had served in Japan for 11 yeas before coming to Taiwan and spending the rest of his life until his retirement. Don McCall met his first wife, Virginia Montgomery, in Japan while both were missionaries. They got married in 1953 and had three children.

After being sent to Taiwan in 1963, Rev. Don McCall began a long association with aboriginal churches. During his first two years in Taiwan, Don McCall worked with aboriginal churches in Hualien(花蓮). From 1965 to 1969, the McCall moved to Taitung(台東), continuing to serve at several aboriginal churches. After coming back from a furlough in 1970, the McCalls moved to the west coast of Taiwan and were active in the aboriginal churches, the Aboriginal Student Center and Aboriginal Service Center in Taichung(台中) and Nantou(南投).

After obtaining his Doctorate in Sacred Theology in 1975, Don went back to Hualien, in 1977. Three years later he began teaching at the Yushan Theological College(玉山神學院) and at the same time assisted nearby aboriginal churches. His work with these churches included giving sermons, planning church development, church planting and training church workers and leaders.

As the Associate General Secretary of PCT(台灣基督長老教會總會副總幹事) from 1986-1989, Don McCall was a natural spokesman for the aborigines and he was particularly concerned with their problems as the marginalized in Taiwanese society, often raising issues concerning them in the General Assembly.                                                                                             

In 1990 Don’s wife, Virginia McCall, died after a long illness wit cancer during their furlough back in the U.S. Later on Don married Jessie Junkin, another former missionary, and returned to Taiwan for the last time. This time they went to work with the Amis Presbytery in Taitung. Although he had already been diagnosed with cancer of the bone, Don kept working until his retirement.

On March 15,1997, Don passed away at home in Montreat, North Carolina at the age of 70. The funeral took place two days later. The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan gives thanks to God for having sent Don McCall to Taiwan and prays for condolences to his family.



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