Miss Hannah Connell’s Report for the year 1907


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The Presbyterian Record, vol.33, no.7, July 1908, p.310

[Miss Hannah Connell (高哈拿姑娘),

Canadian Presbyterian Mission teacher at Tamsui,1905-1928 and United Church of Canada teacher in Tannan, 1928-1931]

Miss Connell
Of the two years in mission work in Formosa, most of the time has necessarily been spent in the study of the language.

This year, during the months of July and August, while preparations were going on for the opening of the Girls’ School, I visited twenty-four of the out-stations, in some of the congregations visiting many of the people in heir own homes and in this way met a number of the girls who are now in the school.

Since the opening of the school on the first of October, I have been giving part of each day to teaching. This, with the preparation for second year’s language examination and Sunday School work, has fully occupied my time..

Looking back over the two years here, one feels that very little has been accomplished, but we are grateful to our Heavenly Father for the privilege of being here and for the health and strength we have enjoyed, thereby enabling us to continue the preparation for our part in His great work.

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