Rev. Howard Theodore Ellis (1935-1996)


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Taiwan Church News. Occasional Bulletin, V13, no.5 September/October 1996

Weare sad to report the death of Rev. Howard Theodore Ellis(伊天賜), known as Ted, on September 21, 1996, in Scarborough, Canada. The cause of his death is cancer. 

Rev. Ted Ellis served in Taiwan as a Presbyterian Church in Canada missionary for 26 years between 1963 and 1991. Rev. Ellis had been a beloved high school chaplain and teacher at Chang Jung High School(長榮中學), chaplain of Tainan Theological Seminary(台南神學院), later a New Testament professor. His two children, Robert and Stephanie, were born in Taiwan. 

Rev. Ted Ellis was a Vancouver, Canada native and attended Knox College in Toronto.

At the time of death he was the Pastor of Wexford Presbyterian Church in Scarborough, Canada. A worship and Thanksgiving service was held at the Wexford Church on September 29.1996.

Rev. Ted Ellis is survived by his wife, Marilyn, son Robert and daughter Stephanie, and several brothers and sisters.

Brief biography of Ted Ellis ---From Memorial Service Bulletin

1935        Born to the Rev. Walter and Alice Ellis in Vancouver, British Colombia

1960        Graduated from Knox College, Toronto

1960-1962  Minister in Knox, Vernon and St. Andrew’s,Armstrong, British Colombia

1962-1963  Studied in London, England on Traveling Scholarship; lived in the All Soul’s Rectory with John Stott.

1963-1991  Missionary of the Presbyterian Church in Canada to the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)*

1963-1965  Language study, Taipei

1965-1966  College student work. & Industrial evangelism, Keelung

1966-1974  Chaplain,Chang-Jung Middle School (PCT)

1970  Married to Marilyn Bruce in Fairview Church, Vancouver, British Colombia

1973        Birth of son, Robert John, in Changhua.

1975-1981  Chaplain, Tainan Theological College (TTC)

1976        Birth of daughter, Stephanie Anne, in Tainan.

1983        Received MTh from the Toronto School of Theology

1983-1991  Lecturer in New Testament, Tainan Theological College

During his years of service in Taiwan, Ted served the church on several institutional boards; on the General Assembly executive Committee; and as Worship Chairman in TTC

1993-1996  Minister, Wexford Presbyterian Church, Scarborough, Canada.

The outstanding marks, through all Ted’s years of ministry, were his pastoral heart and his love for and gift in sharing this love for Christ and the Word of God.



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