Judith Estell’s letter from Hualien, Taiwan, June 13,2013


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Estell,Judith. Letter from Hualien, Taiwan, June 13,2013.

Dear Friends and Supporters
Today I am sending you my last prayer letter from Hualien; after 42 years on the mission field, I am going to leave Taiwan, which has, indeed, become home to me, and soon retire.
Right now, I feel like I’m standing on a bridge, looking back on the past and forward to the future. In Taiwan, we have many swinging bridges, and sometimes these days I feel like I am on such a bridge, swinging back and forth.
I am in the middle of emptying my house, having garage sales (After so many years, I have a lot of things which I can’t take home.), accepting invitations for meals because for Chinese people it is important to round up a chapter in life with a good meal around a round table, and making many trips to the bank, telephone company etc.
Farewells were held at the YWCA, in my different English Bible classes, at Yu-Shan Theological College and Seminary, at the Taroko Presbytery, at Du Hsin Church, in the prison class and with many people who became close friends over the years and with whom I shared my life and ministry. Emotionally, as you can imagine, this is really “swinging on a swinging bridge”. At these farewells, people shared. I was surprised how many times God used just a word to encourage someone or how people were challenged in their walk with Christ through a Bible study we had together.
I think of the many Yu-Shan students whom I saw grow in their faith and are now pastors of different churches, leading others to Christ. I am thankful to see God working in the hearts of the prisoners; many of them are now changed people who have a new perspective on life even behind bars. The most precious moments in my ministry were when God called people to follow Him and they made a decision for Christ.
I will be leaving Taiwan on July 4th and first take some time to settle in and adjust to Stateside living, but I am also looking forward to the time from August to the end of October when I will be visiting my supporting churches and will have the opportunity to see many of you and thank you in person for your faithful support in finances and prayer over the past 42 years. At the end of October, I will be retiring from RCA Global Mission.
Thank God with me for the
- 42 years of service in Taiwan
- many answers to prayers
- expressions of love, support, and care
- many who are walking close to him
- people like yourselves who stood with me
Please pray for the:
- 42 students who graduated last week from Yu-Shan
- construction of the multi-purpose building at Yu-Shan
- two prisoners who were baptized this week
- continuation of the prison ministry after the summer break
- trip back home on July 4th
- adjustment to the States
Dear friends, it is good to know that wherever we are, there is always the bridge of prayer. Again, thank you for your faithful support.
Working together for Christ,


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