PCT and CCH pay tribute to Dr. David Landsborough IV


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Taiwan Church News 3029 Edition March 15~21, 2010

Reported by Chien Hsin-I Written by Lydia Ma Photo by Chien Hsin-I (Chinese edition

Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) Honorary Superintendent Dr. David Landsborough, IV, passed away in the early hours of March 2, 2010. He was 96 years old.

Dr. Landsborough followed in his father’s footsteps and ministered in Taiwan for nearly 30 years. He was the 9th Superintendent of CCH and helped rebuild and modernize CCH. He also cemented the four objectives of CCH: Medicine, evangelism, service, and education.

After serving 30 years in Taiwan, Dr. Landsborough retired in 1980 and returned to the UK with his wife, Dr. Jean Murray Landsborough. Though no longer living in Taiwan, Dr. Landsborough never forgot Taiwan and its people and often corresponded with his friends in Taiwan. Many of his friends and former colleagues at CCH also traveled to the UK on several occasions to visit him.

Dr. Landsborough’s funeral service was held at Redhill United Reformed Church in Surrey, UK, on March 12. His family, friends, former missionary partners, as well as 30 other Taiwanese friends and representatives attended the service. Some of those in attendance included Taiwan's representative to the U.K. Chang Siao-yue, PCT General Assembly Moderator Leonard Lin, PCT General Secretary Andrew Chang, PCT missionary to U.K. Chung Shou-hui, CCH Superintendent Guo Shou-ren, and other CCH staff.

The message during the service was delivered by Rev. John Joseph who spoke on the themes of peace and love and quoted Luke 14 and 1 Corinthians 13 during his message. Afterward, Taiwan’s representative, Chang Siao-yue, spoke on behalf of President Ma and read his letter to the Landsborough family. Guo Shou-ren praised Dr. Landsborough and paid respects on behalf of everyone at CCH.

After singing Dr. Landsborough’s favorite hymn “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”, Dr. Landsborough’s eldest son, Mr. Donald Landsborough, gave the eulogy on behalf of his family. He recounted what he remembered most about his father, including how Dr. Landsborough feared God and served others.

Dr. Landsborough was buried next to his wife at St. Mary’s Reigate Cemetery. After the burial, friends and family returned to Rehill Church where they watched a short clip about Dr. Landsborough’s life. Photos of Dr. Landsborough were placed on a nearby table, as well as a medal conferred by former President Lee Teng-hui. Old friends of the Landsborough family shared stories about Dr. Landsborough and their own experiences in Taiwan.

Besides introducing neurology and advancing medicine in Taiwan, Dr. Landsborough also preached and visited people. He was instrumental in the founding of more than 10 churches. He also responded to God’s call and loved Taiwan with his life.


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