Departure of the Little, 1939


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Presbyterian Record. 1939. May (Vol. 64,No.5) p.148

  In January of this year (1939) Dr. and Mrs. Little and their four children left us to go to Hong Kong. There Dr. Little will become Superintendent of the Matilda Hospital. Their departure was more deeply regretted than words can express. They had been with us through two dark years of crisis and uncertainty, and had proven a tower of strength to their colleagues.

  Dr. Little(John L. Little, 李約翰醫生)., unsparing of his physical strength and with keen business insight, accomplished the herculean task of managing the Mackay Memorial Hospital alone, and he also improved it in every department. Operations soared to three times their former number with sometimes as many as eleven operations a day by the Doctor himself. The whole hospital was thoroughly renovated and beautified. Four evangelistic workers had to assist in the work of teaching spiritual truth to the ever-increasing number of patients. The morale of our whole Church in the North, which had suffered when the mission schools left our hands, was happily heightened by the hospital’s great improvement, and everybody spoke with pride of the reputation for efficiency, thoroughness and kindness that the hospital had gained.

  Mrs. Little (Flora M. Gauld, M.D.), who is also a medical doctor, was ever unselfishly ready to help in the hospital or with outside patients, and she was in great demand as a lecturer at conferences. She also prepared for distribution diets for babies, instructions of how to care for children, and taught simple methods of hygiene in the home.

  Someone has said, “When we go away, we die a little”, I would paraphrase that and say “When they (our friends) go away, we die a little”. We dared not dim the brightness of their plans for the future with too many regrets on our par and we have had to watch them go, with reluctant hearts, while bidding the “Godspeed”!   G.    



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