Dear Friends: 2009.12


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Dear Friends:
This short letter finds you all well and healthy ;wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
I thought we should be finally well settled down in Taipei from last moving back to Taipei in April; but in reality that has not been so; during the period of time we have to travel twice outside of Taiwan; once in May to Korean Bible Society for their North East Asia meeting and July to Japan for its 150th anniversary cerebration of Christian Church establishment in Yokohama Japan as a special guest. Where we were happy to meet with several Bible Society secretaries from Asia region.
After coming home, the Bible society in Taiwan invited me to write a translation History of the tribal Languages in Taiwan. This gives me a chance to visit the office once a week to prepare the materials; beside I have many chances to visit the tribal area in the central part of the island to interview with some older tribal translators and also see how the tribal languages Bibles been used for the church establishment. It is a wonderful experience for me to see again how the Bible translation efforts been beared fruits as the Scripture used for evangelism and the people lead to the knowledge of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
As David Lai (賴俊明)is retiring next month from the office after 18 years of service in the BST, the board has elected a new GS his name happen to be .Rev. Lin-Ching Tsai (Rev. Tsai 蔡鈴真). So you see Pin-tung Lai ,Jen-Li Tsai. David Lai and again Lin-ching Tsai. Lai and Tsai were in and out of the office in BST. The board assigned me to take a period of orientation process to help the incoming Secretary to understand the UBS and National BS organizations. The inauguration service will take place December 27, 2009. Ho-Yong Kim will be in Taipei at that time so we will have a couple of days get together here.
Since May I was to associated in a Japanese speaking social welfare service organization (玉蘭莊)to help a group of 50-65 senior members which meet twice a week, Tuesday and Friday 9:30am-3:00pm for fellowship and learning, studying advanced Japanese Language, singing songs in addition to have a 40 minutes Christian Service. I was elected the chairman of organization this year. The average age of this group is 76.8 years old who combined with Japanese speaking Taiwanese and Japanese people who left in Taiwan after the WWII. Therefore, I have to prepare my sermons in more simple Japanese 2, 3 times a month to approach to these senior people of 75% non-Christians. I believe this also is wonderful chance for evangelism.
In order break these tight schedule we will have again escape to Vancouver BC next year at the Spring time to see our grand kid and friends, hopefully visit a couple of church where we helped them past ten years.
Well, this short letter just to update our lives in past one year, forgive me not writing so often to all of you. So, please accept our apology by saying “No news is good news”
You all are always in our memories and prayers.
Yours. Jen-Li and Joy (Taipei).


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