Moody’S Departure, 1909


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梅監務牧師 (Rev. Campbell Moody) 在第2次休假回國期間,
1908124日,在GlasgowMargaret Findlay結婚,婚後���禮拜左右,即束裝航向台灣。

Tainan Council Minutes 776, February 24, 1909. Revs. Campbell, Ferguson, Nielson, and Davies; Drs. Anderson and Landsborough.

3. Dr. Anderson submitted the Minute which referred to Mr. and Mrs. Moody’s departure, and the Secretary was instructed to send a copy of the same to Mr. Moody. The Minute read as follows:--

The Council desire to put on record its sense of the loss sustained by the Mission in the enforced departure from Formosa of Mr. and Mrs Campbell Moody in the interests of Mrs Moody’s health.

Mr. Moody arrived in 1895 and left in 1909.  The Council acknowledges with gratitude to God the work which our brother has been able to accomplish, both in Chianghwa itself and in other parts of Mid-Formosa. Whilst not neglecting other methods, he firmly believed in evangelistic open-air preaching as a method by which the Gospel can be brought to the people. In such work he was indefatigable and his influence, especially in this direction, was felt by all the evangelists who laboured. in his district. The Council deeply regret his loss as tat of an earnest, able, and faithful colleague, and sincere friend. And it further desires to express the hope that in whatever sphere God in His providence may open u for him, there my be a continuance of the same blessing upon his labours; and that, if it be the Divine will, Mrs. Moody may be granted restoration to health, and may be privileged, along with her husband, to enjoy many years of usefulness.   




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