Dickson’S Letter,Feb.12th,1874 


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The messenger and missionary record  [May 1, 1874] p.117-118

Formosa- missionaries; Dr. Maxwell(馬雅各), Rev. Ritchie(李庥), Dr. Matthew Dickson(德馬太), and Rev. William Campbell(甘為霖���. There are 22 stations and 7 naive evangelists. 

Our only letter is from Dr. Matthew Dickson, dated Taiwanfoo, February 12th, 1874, from which we give a short extract which notices the other laboureres.  

We have only 2 patients in the hospital at present. This is owing to the Chinese New Year being at hand. After the New Year we expect to see a full house. Mr. Campbell is in Poahbe(拔馬). Last Sabbath I was at Kongana(崗仔林), and next Lord’s-day I hope to be back at the same place. We are both well and strong. God is blessing us with health. Oh! That we may use our strength in the Master’s service. Our brother, Mr. Ritchie, has had to encounter a few difficulties with the soldiers about Akaw(阿猴.). We have had no word these last few days, but trust the good work will not be hindered. 

We rejoice to hear of another labourer for Tamsi(淡水). Our brother M’Kay (馬偕)has had a good many severe trials to meet. You have most likely heard of the murder of one of his helpers. A sad blow to our poor brother, and a sad loss to the infant Church in the North. But God Himself will provide for all our wants.


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