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魏克思醫師 ( Dr. Joseph Leyburn Wilkerson1913-2001 )

1995 1125日,獲��台美基金會(Taiwanese-American Foundation,略作TAF) 奉獻台灣特別獎。

Dr. Joseph Leyburn Wilkerson(1913-2001) received Taiwanese-American Foundation (TAF) 1995 Special Contribution Award on November 25th, 1995.

Dr. Joseph Wilkerson was born in East Durham, North Carolina in 1913. He received his Medical degree from Virginia University. He was a resident physician at Toledo General Hospital, Toledo, Ohio and a doctor serving US Navy Marines during World War II. He became a Presbyterian missionary in 1947 and married Evelyn Estelle Isenhour in 1948.

The couple went to Beijing and Chekiang where Dr. Wilkerson was a missionary doctor. He went to Taiwan to work as a missionary doctor in Pingtung Christian Hospital, then in Chiayi, later in Puli Christian Hospital, and lastly joined Changhua Christian Hospital in 1954. He served at Changhua Christian Hospital for 25 years as Director of surgery and Vice President, and retired in 1980 and returned to the US.

Special Achievement

He has loved Taiwan more than ordinary Taiwanese, and has offered his whole life to his foreign country - Taiwan for twenty-seven years. He is humble and honest, and always shows the highest morality and medical ethics. Besides providing free medical services to the poor, he also collects donations for them. He devoted himself to the mountain villages and aborigines, and offered free medical care to them, especially to children who were stricken with paralysis. During his missionary service, he also trained many young Taiwanese doctors.


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