A Sketch Of North Formosa Mission, 1872-1894



北部台灣的宣教活動, 1872-1894

Original Title : Our Formosa Mission 

The Presbyterian Record, February 1895, p.34-37

Outline of the Sketch

Geddie and Mackay

Preparation and Appointment


Periods of the Mission

   May be divided into three periods:

(1) Eight years,1872-1880,when Dr.Mackay came home;

(2) 1880-1884,when the French bombarded Formosa;

(3) 1884-1893,when Dr. Mackay made his second visit home

Beginning the Work


Methods of Work

Hospital Work

The Frasers

The Junors

Results in the First Eight Years

His First Visit Home

From Dr. Mackay’s Return to the French invasion, Dec.,1881,to Oct.,1884

The Jamiesons

The French invasion

Ordination of Native Pastors

A great Commemoration

College Work

At the End of 16 years

The Gaulds

Dr. Mackay’s Second Visit Home

Concluding Remarks