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A Hoa came to stay with me: [請參見《教會史話》251 我教阿華.阿華教我 、252 首次祈禱.學習自然 ]

Thurs 25, April, 1872

A-hoa (阿華, 巖清華was along very early with a smile on his face. He soon showed that he was orderly at any rate- My little hut looked quite tidy when he got through. Then I began to teach him how to read and write the Romanized col.(白話字

In    market saw Persimmons & thought Tomatoes.

Fri. 26.

All day teaching A-hoa and studying. Splendid times, hours fly rapidly, more so than ever--

Sat 27.

A-hoa making rapid progress, both in Singing and Reading the Romanized Col. In

eve. teaching and asking questions-- Sent an invitation for the Foreign community to attend service in English in my house.

Sun 28.

Waited the entire forenoon to see if any of the Foreigners would come; but not one put in an appearance. Human sympathy ! I had none Good Lord be thou my guide- Spent the day with A-hoa reading Christ's sermon on the mount. hymns etc-- sweet indeed this glorious work. I love his frankness.

Mon. 29.

Arose very early and drilled A-hoa in reading and writing the Romanized. also in a Scripture Catechism and study myself too. Out again in the eve. amongst the herd-boys.


Very dry and warm. took A-hoa out around a number of villages, then back and sat right down to work. The days passed Swiftly. many calls from Chinamen who were very suspicious in their looks. No one ventured to discuss however.



Weds 1.

Paced the floor reading aloud for A-hoa to write and he listened to my Chinese until it sounded like from a native.

Thurs 2.

Rather cool and pleasant. Went with A-hoa into the country to call on one of his old friends, a farmer. We were seen, recognized and despised. Two big black dogs were set on and children yelled and reviled furiously. We returned and after eating some rice dug aw ay harder than ever at our respective Studies.

Fri 3.

Gentle Showers. O if we had them from the heavens of heavens. What glorious flowers would open and send sweet fragrance all around. Read, wrote, questioned, drilled talked and sung all hours in the day. A neighbor came in to see if we were gone mad altogether. He brought us tea and suggested rest as a cure. We struck out with a hymn before him upon which grew pale and bolted out of the door whilst the teapots flew from his hands, fell on the floor in small pieces. An hour afterwards a small boy were sent in for the pieces.

Sat .4.

A Hoa read six chapters of John in my hearing. I also read for him to criticize my Chinese. Splendid fellow, Just a ‘God send’. Again invited the Foreigners to worship on sab. A.Hoa got newspapers and pasted them on my book case of rough boards which were not planed, also all over covering up imperfections in my furniture! Prepared for Sab. Slept little every night--.        

Sun. 5.

At 10:30 A.M. Quite a number of Foreigners came and I preached Salvation through the atoning blood. very attentive. In the afternoon with A Hoa went round till dark Singing hymns-- some pleased apparently; but the most, threw pigs dung, small stones, lumps of earth etc. --They seemed bitter towards A Hoa. It made him more determined. How refreshing to have one Just one firm and resolute. Yes, Converted, saved!

Mon. 6.

Cool with occasional showers-.       Used a black-board teaching A Hoa kept him reading and writing whilst I read the Chinese characters. sat up late.

Tues 7.

Some Chinese Teachers called and were amazed at A Hoa's progress-  He spoke fearlessly to them, and we resumed our usual pleasant work.

Wed. 8.

Strung up a map of the world and began with A Hoa. How he opened his eyes and went right at it “with gloves off”, as the Yankee would say.


Wonderful arguments for the world being round mastered. Oceans and Continents grasped and a burning thirst induced.

Fri 10.

Read portion of New Testament (新約)with A Hoa explained it. Drilled him on the Ten Commandments (十誡) and the Lord's Prayer(主禱文). Then pitched into Geography.

Sat 11.

Reviewed all over previous Studies. Prepared for sab. A Hoa carried water and cleaned our mansion.

Sun 12.

In the morning preached in English on Psalm 68: 18. Afternoon went with A Hoa to several villages singing hymns--.

Mon. 13.

Cloudy and rather cool.  Geography of Palestine on the “tables.” Capital! Never had

Pupils in Canada who studied lands and seas like this man.

Tues. 14.

Black-board exercises for hours. A Hoa writing on it as well as paper. Made a rough map of the world-- Worked till midnight--

Weds. 15.

Spoke on the commission “Go ye etc. A Hoa took notes and then wrote the names of all lands in the world.

Thurs 16   Cat                     .

After working hard all day and returning from the herd boys I was in my room at private devotion when A-hoa who annoyed at a cat mewing chased it round and round right into my room and pelted it with a Chinese broom stumbling against me and falling down sprawling as suddenly disappeared when I went out told me of the cat chased with great glee. It never entered his mind at time that he might have waited little a grace grown gradually (    )

Fri. 17.

Again at the Question book. A Hoa committed large portions to memory. Also the Apostle’s Creed(使徒信經)!  Then Read Ephesians. Grand letter that. I took up verse after verse and gave explanations.

Sat 18.

Reviewed all gone over so far. Then fixed up our dwelling. Sent my usual invitation to the Foreigners and prepared for sab.

Sun. 19.

At 10 A.M. Preached on board H.R.M gun-vessel “Avon”. In the afternoon took A Hoa and traveled till dark singing, ate rice and read Ephesians till very late.


Put in a stiff days work and at dark threw open my door and began to preach. Many came in, some threw stones right through. Some shouted, some yelled and threaten A Hoa. After singing we went on studying. I found it best to sit inside and expound a passage over eve. to those who would quietly enter.

Tues 21.   Lamp.

Geography of Egypt and Epistle to Ephesians occupied our attention till eve. When fully 30 sat around my rough table with a Chinese lamp, which was made of Pewter and had Pea-nut oil in it with a wick of grass pith. Just purely Chinese arrangement. The light was feeble indeed. I spoke on a passage of the Bible, then drilled A Hoa before the hearers--

Wed. 22.

Explained the first psalm (詩篇)and then A Hoa kept at Ephesians whilst I at the Chinese Classics. In eve. 35 attended.

Thurs 23.

Wrote to friends in Canada and gave an account of my native land. A Hoa took notes. 40 were present in the eve.

Fri.24    A-Hoa’s Prayer.

(The old bamboo chair on whi he was sitting had legs split at (the)bottom and as he bowed on his knees shoved it from one side to (the)other. it creaked most fearfully)

Writing Romanized col. reading and committing to memory large portions of the Gospel s formed the order of the day. In the eve. I asked A Hoa to pray as he sat on an old bamboo chair which with the Slightest move creaked terribly. Down on his knees at once began but at every sentence pushed it from one side to (the)other. Making tormenting to the *** the legs which of the bamboo split at the bottom creak most terribly. On he went however “ O thou art (the) True God. I did not know Thee a few months ago. Help me to know more and more of thee, for I now know that these idols which our people worship cannot save their souls From the bottom of my heart. I thank thee for bringing Pastor Mackay (came) to Formosa. Help me help us by the Holy Spirit to bring many to Jesus.(my parents and relatives) Our light is very poor,( we do not know much! But O God help me help us. Sim-so-goan!)

for our lamp is bad. help us to get better light and and a better lamp for we are working away Thy Word. We wish and hope that thou wilt bring another young man to be with us, and then many, many more every-where. These things our hearts true desire. This prayer was uttered Just as if to an idol. When spoke there was a directness which can’t be put on paper. with all directness charac-of Idolaters before their idols.

Sat 25.

  Read (All) Genesis with A Hoa. He is now able to write a letter etc and read almost anything we can lay our hands in the Romanized colloquial.

Sun. 26.

At 10 A.M. Preached again on board the ‘Avon’ about the ‘plain way’. Afternoon went out through the villages singing.

Mon. 27.

The entire day was taken up with severe study and learning from A Hoa Chinese ways etc. and in turn teaching him Western ways and Customs. 46 listened to me in the eve--.

Tues 28.

Gave lessons to A Hoa on Public speaking and drilled him on the use of his voice. We roared and bellowed at first in the house; but found it would not do So put it off till eve. and walked to the sea-side where we had full scope. Sang much in the eve. 50 were present.

Wed. 29.

Map of the world drilling, also ‘globe exercises. Lessons on Paul’s sermons.

Thurs 30.

studied all day.

Fri 31   On farming

 Romans we now labored at all day!long until 4 P.M. When I went alone for a stroll enjoyed talking to the boys with their Water Buffaloes close by. Watched the farmers each with one Buffalo drawing a plough having only one handle and held with one hand the other being used to hold a rope which is tied to a ring in the Buffalo’s nose. The furrow don’t look well; but really does admirably. Rude looking farm instruments; but what Splendid crops of rice! The sickle is used in cutting and the Sheaves are bound very much as in Scotland. Thrashing is done in the field. A large tub with a kind of netting put around and Sticks put crosswire are used. A man takes a quantity in both hands and dashes it against the sticks.