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1880.06.25 Fri.

arrived in London(倫敦) at midnight went to Osborne Hotel

1880.06.26 Sat.

In the morning went Prof. MacLaren

1880. 06.27 Sun

In the morning preached in Erskine ch. Mr. Smith – Eve. in Knox ch.

1880. 06.28 Mon.

Went to McDonells ch. Jubilee meeting I not speak

1880. 06.29 Tues

In the afternoon I & Mrs. M. (偕牧師娘) addressed the Women’s Society in Knox church -- Large meeting. She told about her mother wanting to kill her etc. -- I explained about Guanyin(觀音), Matso (媽祖)& Tho-ti (土地公)--- & the girl at金包里) ----

1880. 06.30 Wed.

In the eve. in Milligan’s ch. I spoke about Five county, savages Difficulties, & work. going into poor house water on floor, travelling barefooted, sleeping beside oxen, Teaching anatomy take pigs head examine the age & Geography etc. told about SinKang(新港),

Thah-so (塔嫂)going from place to place -- Siong’s mother who took our hands A-hoa(阿華/嚴清華) first standing outside laughing & Tu first coming then at Sa-teng-po not afraid & Pol Knowing John’s Gospel & praying, first Literati come around then we drive them from the field, read a part of “Tai Hak”(大學) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


1880.07.01 Thurs.

Came on to Woodstock, dined with McMullen came out home.

1880. 07.02 Fri.


1880. 07.03 Sat

Went to Woodstock with Alex, wrote to Maclaren & William Gordon

1880. 07.04 Sun.

Went to Embro. Explained Psalm 125 – spoke about going out, God selected the field, then house at Tamsui wet. then about a-Hoa(阿華/嚴清華) first coming standing outside like “a day’s march nearer home” I spoke in 4 mos. then pray for ** then travel all around. Go to Sin-Kang(新港), wished to kill us. Ho preach there now – savages come to large meetings around fires. Not speak about them cutting off heads & their customs etc.

1880.07.05 Mon.

1880.07.06 Tues.

1880.07.07 Wed.

1880.07.08 Thurs

Wrote to J.C. Smith Guelph, and expect an answer ---also to Rev. E. Cockburn saying I would go some-time to Uxbridge his congregation –wrote to Dr. Maxwell 26 Heath Street, Hampstead, London – wrote to W.Wilkie Guelph. Expect a reply

Wrote to Mrs. Barbour, Bonskeid. Pittochry *** Scotland Also to James Lover Boyd, 8 Little Jarvis Street Yorkville ---

Wrote to R. J. Laidlaw Hamilton

1880.07.09 Fri.

Wrote to R. N. Grant Ingersoll. For July 25 went up to St. Mary’s saw Junor’s family & remained over night at Uncle John’s –

1880. 07.10 Sat.

Came home and drove into Woodstock

1880. 07.11 Sun

Went down to Chalmers, Woodstock spoke on (1) God selected the field. (2) state of the field. (3) work (4) state now (5) our duty. At 3 spoke about Goddess of Money the Sunlu-niu – Then went to Knox spoke to children on goddess of the sea. and in the eve. preached on (a) Formosa (b) people (c) Diffi. (d) Work (e) duty came home at night.

1880. 07.12 Mon.

Wrote to J. L. Murray, Kincardine --- went to Woodstock. Met Mr. Lowry

1880. 07.13 Tues.

Went to Wm McDonald’s, Rev. W. a. McKay & a Mr. Hurst came ---

1880. 07.14 Wed.

to Mr. Junor, Rev. Prof. McLaren Rev. Jas. Little Bowmanville. put. Rev a Dowsly care of Rev. W. a. Liston Madras ___

1880. 07.15 Thurs.

Wrote to Dr. Moore St Marys & Rev. D. McKenzie Ingersoll.

1880. 07.16 Fri.

Wrote to Miss Mangan Jaffa. Boxes arrived

1880. 07.17 Sat.

In the morning started with Alex in the buggy at noon dined with McMillen calld on Rainie & Wells & McPherson.

1880. 07.18 Sun

In the forenoon at 11,A.M. Preached in Well’s Church, drove to McPherson’s and Preached, then in the eve. in Ailsa Craig in Mr. Raines ch. crowded drove to *** line staid in a Hotel.

1880. 07.19 Mon.

Arrived home at noon. In the eve. Chalmer’s ch. Woodstock showed Idols tablets etc.

1880. 07.20 Tues

couples called to see me.

1880. 07.21 Wed.

veral called

1880. 07.22 Thurs

Mr. Munro came after me at noon – meeting in the church in the eve. crowded I spoke for 2 hours. Came home at midnight --- --

Wrote to Dr. Reid and enclosed bill to be paid to Dakin bros London for my boxes (4) from London to Canada. amount is L12”13”0.

Wrote also to Dakin Bros London & I ordered Reid to pay them The amount Dr. Moore paid for the box Junor sent, L3”17”8 = $19.

1880. 07.23 Fri.

Calls from quite a number Paid by Mr. Moore

1880. 07.24 Sat.

with father to Ingersoll, stayed with Geo. Sutherland, called on Rev. D. McKenzie ---etc.

1880. 07.25 Sun

Spoke in Knox ch. crowded – In Erskine to united sab. school. eve. Erskine. cram full, passages and many outside. Came home in the eve. –

1880.07.26 Mon.

1880.07.27 Tues.

Wrote to aull. Innerkip. W.a Mackay St. Catherines. Moore St. Mary’s. Robertson Chesterfield

1880. 07.28 Wed. home

1880. 07.29 Thurs home –

1880. 07.30 Fri at home

1880.07.31 Sat. With bro. Alex. went to St. Mary’s called on Junor and Moore went out to Uncle Johns

August 1880

1880. 08.01 Sun.

In morning preached in old ch. St. Mary’s, afternoon temperance meeting and in the eve. Wilson ch. crowded full. very hot – after service came to Hugh Sutherland.

1880. 08.02 Mon. Drove home. wet & cold

1880. 08.03 Tues.

Forenoon went to Hugh Ross with Alex & wife, and in the eve. went up to Braemar met Mr Munroe. I spoke on Rom.3:22 about Faith related to Pelein Island.

1880. 08.04 Wed.

Wrote to Mr E. Mowat. Gananoque. Ont. Can. Rev. W. Robertson Chesterfield. Wrote for 17 Inst & afternoon children ---- wrote to Rev. Alex Henderson Hyde Park that when near London will go; but he to remind me of it ---- wrote to Donsley ------ Spoke in Innerkip. Rev Mr Aull. House crowded.

1880. 08.05 Thurs At home

1880. 08.06 Fri.

wrote to Wilkie. Wrote to Junor – Campbell(甘為霖) of Formosa

1880. 08.07 Sat. went over to John Mackay married to Janie Munroe ------

1880. 08.08 Sun.

In morning preached in Thamesford crowded raised 70$. then the sab. school drove to Kintore ch. crammed full many outside collec. 50$. Drove home in the eve ---

1880. 08.09 Mon.

wrote to Rev Dr. Reid Toronto – “ Rev. A. Mackay & D. East, Puslinch ---

wrote to L. Lowry Brantford for 22 Inst. wrote to Rev. Prof. McLaren Peaks Island Portland, Maine USA.

1880. 08.10 Tues At home.

1880. 08.11 Wed. at home Mr. Ris

1880. 08.12 Thurs

Went to Ratho at 2:30 P.M. bro. James drove me. Mr. R. Moore came in the morning also Mrs. James Gunn ----

Good Meeting at Ratho, got $28.

1880. 08.13 Fri. at home ------

1880. 08.14 Sat. Drove with Alex & wife to Hugh Sutherland. met all of the family

1880. 08.15 Sun.

Preached in the morning at Hall’s ch. 2:30 P.M. at his other ch. ---- and in the eve. at Harrington – house crowded. Gordon present also went Dr. Mr Ross and dined. drove down to Embro – then home ____ Harrington $50

1880. 08.16 Mon. Wrote to Rev. J. A. MacDonald Brigden.

1880. 08.17 Tues.

Bro. James & Misses went with me to Chesterfield spoke afternoon & eve. col. $70. Remained all night with Mr. Robertson

1880. 08.18 Wed. came home at 11 A.M.

1880. 08.19 Thurs at home not well

1880. 08.20 Fri. at home not well -------

1880. 08.21 Sat.

went down to Woodstock and from there to Brantford stayed with Mr. Lowry

1880. 08.22 Sun.

Spoke in the morning in Dr. Cochrane’s ch. afternoon also – eve Mr. Lowry’s

1880. 08.23 Mon.

Came back to Woodstock. James Gunn met me at station -- -- In eve. at father’s John Shaw present --- ---

1880. 08.24 Tues

wrote to Rev. a. Stewart North East hope

“ to Miss Macleane Terniliff Gananoque

John Shaw came, spent all day with me.

1880. 08.25 Wed.

Cold and wet .

Wrote to Rev. a. Ross Woodville –

“ “ J. R. Battisly Chatam ---- “ Miss Jessie Bain 217 Sherborne Toronto “ Geo. Brown Wroxeter ----- “ Mrs. R. P. Mackay Agincourt “ Rev. J. L. Murray Kincardine

1880. 08.26 Thurs

Wrote to Barclay -- Mrs. Barbour 11 George square Edin. Hon. H.N. Shore 1 Lancaster Terrace Regents Park London

1880. 08.27 Fri. Picnic --- --- I spoke …….

1880. 08.28 Sat.  Went down to Paris

1880. 08.29 Sun.

Forenoon Mr McLeod’s congrega ---- afternoon union sab. School. eve. union meeting crowded ----------

1880. 08.30 Mon.  Came back to Woodstock and home

1880. 08.31 Tues

Left Woodstock for Brigden through St. Thomas. Arrived at 9. P. M.

September 1880

1880. 09.01 Wed.

At Brigden, with Jno. A. McDonald laid corner stone of the church -----

Eve. addressed the people _____

Methodist Church ---

1880. 09.02 Thurs Came back.

1880. 09.03 Fri. at home

1880. 09.04 Sat.  at 4. A.M. in Morning Infant born i.e. Bella Caty

1880. 09.05 Sun.

Went up to Burns ch --- addressed communicants then 4. P.M. -- crowded house when I spoke to them on “dedicating one’s self”—

1880. 09.06 Mon at home ______

1880. 09.07 Tues.  at home

1880. 09.08 Wed.  at home ---

1880. 09.09 Thurs. at home

1880. 09.10 Fri   Dr. Wardrobe & W. MacKay

1880. 09.11 Sat.  At home

1880. 09.12 Sun

Preached in Chalmer’s Ch. Woodstock on Isai 1:18. scarlet color Spoke of Illus about Napoleon & Chinaman dying for son & about a battle of Isandula and coghill & Malville ----- “ ----- “ ------

1880. 09.13 Mon. at home.

1880. 09.14 Tues.  Bro. James went with me to North East Hope. Splendid Meeting at night

1880. 09.15 Wed. Went up to Seaforth & drove out to Geo. McIntosh’s

1880. 09.16 Thurs.

Left Seaforth and came up to Clinton & at 11 P.M. arrived at Kincardine ----- Murray met me ----

1880. 09.17 Fri.  Went with Murray to Ripley & saw Rev. McQueen in the country

1880. 09.18 Sat.

Went out to Tiverton & spoke on“Faith”, not mention about “no difference” or about Peleu Islanders at Formosa. met Rev. Anderson ---

1880. 09.19 Sun.

at 11 a.m. in Kincardine spoke on Formosa and “sceptre.” at 3 P.M. addressed the also about “Lanterns & torches at Gethsemane & 125 Psalm ---- wet and dark still crowded

1880. 09.20 Mon. In eve. ch. crowded I showed many things ------

1880. 09.21 Tues. At Kincardine still

1880. 09.22 Wed. Started with Murray for Philadelphia

1880. 09.23 Thurs. Early in the morning arrived at 3409 Walnut St. Wm. Gray Esqu

1880. 09.24 Fri  At meeting of council

1880. 09.25 Sat.  Still there

1880. 09.26 Sun  I heard Dr. Cairns & in eve. spoke myself on Formosa

1880. 09.27 Mon. at council

1880. 09.28 Tues at council

1880. 09.29 Wed. With Murray started back

1880. 09.30 Thurs Arrived in Woodstock at day break

 October 1880.

1880. 10.01 Fri. at home ----

1880. 10.02 Sat. at home ----

1880. 10.03 Sun wet ----

1880. 10.04 Mon.

Meeting in Woodstock. McMullen’s church. I spoke on the idolatry of the people –

1880. 10.05 Tues At home in Zorra

1880. 10.06 Wed.

Started for Toronto arrived at MacLarens in the afternoon ---Eve. meeting of Foreign Mission Com. I referred to Indore and Mhow etc.

1880. 10.07 Thurs

Meeting of F.M.C. I spoke about Formosa Went in the eve. to Hamilton. Had a good meeting stayed at Walker Chandler Bey st.

1880. 10.08 Fri.  Left Hamilton for Ottawa, at Toronto met Dr. Moore came together

1880. 10.09 Sat. Arrived in Ottawa.

1880. 10.10 Sun Preached in Dr. Moore’s ch. forenoon afternoon spoke to children in Farries. eve. Farries.

1880. 10.11 Mon. Lec. on Idol. in Rev. Mr. Gordon’s crowded -------

1880. 10.12 Tues.  In afternoon spoke to Woman’s Foreign Society, said don’t send Just now a woman

1880. 10.13 Wed.  Left for Chatham. stayed with Rev. Mr. Fraser – spoke in eve.

1880. 10.14 Thurs.  Went to St. Andrew’s spoke in eve. Rev. Patterson

1880. 10.15 Fri.  Came to Caughuaniaga stayed in Hotel.

1880. 10.16 Sat.  arrived in Ormstown. at Rev. Morrison

1880. 10.17 Sun.

Spoke in the forenoon at Ormstown & afternoon to the children & in eve. at Hungtingdon. Had a good meeting.

1880. 10.18 Mon.

Rev. Mr. Morrison drove me to South Georgetown & spoke in the eve. to a goodly number. Minister Rev. Dr. Muir spent the night with him.

1880. 10.19 Tues

Addressed a meeting of women at Georgetown and went to Howick with Rev. Mr. Mcchera **

1880. 10.20 Wed.   Meeting at Russeltown.

1880.10.21 Thurs  Went through Montreal to Three Rivers

1880.10.22 Fri.  Meeting at Three Rivers. at night took steamer

1880.10.23 Sat In the morning at Quebec. with Rev. Dr. Matthews. wet.

wrote to Dr. Maxwell sent map with stations “ to Hon. H N. Shore. I Lancaster Terrace Regents Park. London

1880.10.24 Sun.

In Quebec. Preached in the morning for Dr Cook. Afternoon spoke to the Sab. School in Dr. Matthew’s – and in the eve. preached there --- some swan

1880.10.25 Mon.

(Left Quebec and) addressed a large meeting in St. Andrew’s Quebec. ??

1880.10.26 Tues.

Went to Richmond & spoke in a hall. There a woman fainted away and died, the lady was carried out. Minister Rev. Mr. Denby 1880.10.27 Wed.

Spoke in Sherbrooke. Rev. Mr. Lully

1880.10.28 Thurs  Passed through Montreal and arrived at Valleyfield

1880.10.29 Fri.  Meeting at Valley field. Rev. Coul 1880.10.30 Sat.

Took boat Fri. night and arrived at Cornwall on Sat Morning ---- came to the house of Rev. Dr. McNith and met with unbounded kindness. In the eve. though wet and dark I lectured in the church. 20 or 30 present. Had an attack of Diarrhae -----

1880.10.31 Sun

weather much finer, preached in the morning to a good audience, in the afternoon to the children and in the eve. again had a very large gathering. People very much interested my address which was about the Lord’s work in Formosa.