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1888.02.01 Wed,

Ther. 64'. Exceedingly busy with all kind of Mission work, teaching part of Genesis--- Called on Consul who Sent for me. About Manilla(馬尼拉) man.

1888.02.02 Thurs.

Ther. 57'. Still busy every moment with Mission business-----

1888.02.03 Fri.

Ther. 56'. ---With Jamiesons(黎約翰) in my study room discussing about the man from the East Coast I.E the Manilla man, whom the Spanish Priest wish to secure. Called on Consul with Jamieson and got no satisfaction Snow on the mountains

1888.02.04 Sat.

Ther. 54'. ---Cool and raw, not very well in health. Meditated all day. " Formosa" came in and took a large mail .

1888.02.05 Sun.

Ther. 52'. --- I rested all day long and Simply had worship with the children

1888.02.06 Mon.

Ther. 52'. ---Still raw wea

Ther. Spent the time in meditation and prayer----

1888.02.07 Tues.

Ther. 52'.--- Cool and raw all day. Rain. Heavy, Cold rain

1888.02.08 Wed.

Ther. 52'. Busy in my room arranging mission matters. A Hoa (阿華, 嚴清華)with me. The Jamiesons (黎約翰) came over & with me talked over many matters. Cold rain.

1888.02.09 Thurs.

Ther. 51'. In the morning arose very early and began my usual work----- Interrupted by having to go to the Hospital. Dr. Rennie being called by telegram to Kelung(雞籠/基隆). Taught and arranged mission matters.

1888.02.10 Fri.

Ther. 56'. All day long busy with mission matters------ Chinese New year

1888.02.11 Sat.

Ther. 60'. In the morning went down to the Hospital. After dinner walked to Tsui-tui-a, then round by the Hospital again. An English sailor in Sick, came in a large sailing vessel to Ke-lung from London.----Eve. Students came to our house and all dinned. Then we had worship. Jamiesons (黎約翰)came over afterwards------

1888.02.12 Sun.

Ther. 58'. Cloudy and disagreeable with drizzling rain---A Hoa and others called around. In the forernoon Students etc. Came into my Study room and we Sang a hymn. At 1 P.M. all went to Tsui-tui-a (水碓仔)Very Muddy. I spoke on Psalm 22:23 // Praise//

1888.02.13 Mon.

Ther. 60'. Rather a mild day though cloudy. Went at 9 A.M. to the College and returned at 11 A.M. Spent all the afternoon reading and writing. Taught an hour in the Col.

1888.02.14 Tues.

Ther. 60'. Cold and very disagreeable wea

Ther. A sort of drizzling most of the time. Sea foaming white. In the afternoon arranged Deeds, letters etc. for the safe, nearly all being mission. Worked till late at night. Read also very much and meditated a long time before retiring----- In pretty good health!

1888.02.15 Wed.

Ther. 60'. Sun arose bright and clear and the chirping of birds heard all around---Toward eve. the sky darkened and the weather became unpleasant. The sea rose very rough.

1888.02.16 Thurs.

Ther. 62'. All mist and clouds around and overhead. Busy at work in the college etc. worship in the eve. Then the Jamiesons(黎約翰) came over and Stayed with us talking about mission matters till 9 P.M.

1888.02.17 Fri.

Ther. 60'. Fine weather till noon then wind sprung up. Cooler and cloudy. Taught till 4 P.M. in the Col. Jamiesons(黎約翰) came over to hear a little boy read.

1888.02.18 Sat.

Ther. 60'. Very disagreeable wea

Ther. All dense fog around. Read and studied till late. Quite wearied went to rest----------

1888.02.19 Sun.

Ther.58'. Terrible storming day there being wind and rain incessantly---- Cloudy and misty. Addressed the Students twice. Retired late .

1888.02.20 Mon.

Ther. 59'. Still stormy and disagreeable. Taught the students, then attended to mission business Jamiesons (黎約翰)came over in the eve. and we talked over mission matters.

1888.02.21 Tues.

Ther. 56'. A fearful Stormy day, rains cold and wet from morning till evening. Taught a good while----In the eve. the Jamiesons (黎約翰)came over and Spent some time in conversation. I retired about midnight quite wearied.-------

1888.02.22 Wed.

Ther. 58'. ------Damp and cloudy through not much rain----In the afternoon the rain poured down in regular torrents----" Formosa" left at 6 P.M. Taught in the college for a long time. Jamiesons (黎約翰)came over in the eve. and we talked much about mission matters. At noon Jamiesons (黎約翰)started for Kap-tsu-lan(葛子蘭)

1888.02.23 Thurs.

Ther. 59'. Still cloudy and disagreeable al the time. Wet and chilly----Jamiesons Started for East Coast. I taught Geography in my room. In eve. worship. A good number present! Rain all day.

1888.02.24 Fri.

Ther. 61'. Rain came down like snow drifts. Dark and cloudy on every hands. Arose early. An exceedingly stormy day. Rain pouring in torrents all day long.

1888.02.25 Sat.

Ther. 60'. Rather a fine day on the whole. Taught Geography till late.

1888.02.26 Sun.

Ther. 58'. Quite a raw cold day with cloud floating about. Had several meetings with the Students in my study room. A Mr. Grant from the Customs called on me. Weather cold; but without rain----- Taught all day in my room. Worship in eve.

1888.02.27 Mon.

Ther. 60'. No rain clear all day. Busy teaching Geography and the Bible etc-------

1888.02.28 Tues.

Ther. 60'. Charming clear lovely day with birds singing. Quite warm in the afternoon. Taught the Students.

1888.02.29 Wed.

Ther. 68 A charming, warm lovely day with birds singing the whole time. Talked about mission work and taught in the Col. ----in the afternoon Dr. Rennie called and we had quite a long and interesting conversation about all kinds of subjects. Then in the eve. my study room was full of Students and converts who came out on a visit. Retired very late--------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- March,1888 ....

1888.03.01 Thurs.

Ther. 66' Dense fog which made everything So wet that all seemed as if after heavy rain----At noon the Sky cleared up and the day got hot, even sultry. The Sun Shone brightly till eve. Then had a glorious Sun Set. " Fukien"(福建號) came in at noon. Bentley and McIntyre called also two other men from the Steamer. Large number at worship in the eve.

1888.03.02 Fri.

Ther. 69'. Another close Sultry day. Taught all day long. Spoke in the ?? Thunder and lightening.....

1888.03.03 Sat.

Ther. 68'. Rather cloudy through very depresing and close----- Read much. In the afternoon got cloudy and remained So for Some time. Appearance of rain till dark--- A very good meeting in the eve.

1888.03.04 Sun.

Ther. 60'. Thunder rolled all through the night. Rain came down also. Worship in my study room. Spoke 4 four times including the eve. Service when quite a number of converts were present. Had a joyful meeting and Sang for al long time---- Fine wea


1888.03.05 Mon.

Ther. 60'. A fine clear Sun Shining day. Spent all the time teaching the students Physical Geography and also Passages of Scripture----Worship in the eve.

1888.03.06 Tues.

Ther. 62'. A very disagreeable day, cloudy and rainy with blasts of winds etc. Busy the whole time teaching and drilling the Students etc.......

1888.03.07 Wed.

Ther. 60'. Cloudy with little rain falling. Taught all day long and in the eve. till late. Sang Several tunes----- Arrived at Tamsui

1888.03.08 Thurs.

Ther. 61'. Taught from very early in the morning till late at night. Kiong (李恭)and Li kui(李貴) present. So also Tsun (陳存心), Un(曾恩)Drilled very much in Geography. Especially Egypt. Explained Several Scrip. Passages--------

1888.03.09 Fri.

Ther. 64'. Sixteen years today arrived at Tamsui(淡水. Today cloudy raining and wet. Taught the entire day and in the eve. 50 (Fifty) were at worship in my study room. Converts from Tek-chham (竹塹/新竹)and Teng-siang-khoe(頂雙溪) having come. Examined Students & Girls.

1888.03.10 Sat.

Ther. 62'. A little cloudy and appearance of rain. Busy till late at night with church matters. Taught and drilled the whole time. Quite a number at eve. worship. Read in my room till near midnight------

1888.03.11 Sun.

Ther. 64'. A charming yet glorious day. Birds singing, sky clear and blue. Spoke 4 ( four times) throughout the day. Jamiesons (黎約翰) back again.

1888.03.12 Mon.

Ther. 68'. Busy the whole day long with Mission work etc.------ Giles went at midnight by " Formosa"

1888.03.13 Tues.

Ther. 70'. Great heat, the sun pouring down upon us like a flood. Not very well in Spirits Still busy at work. Mr. Giles called on me before going.

1888.03.14 Wed.

Ther. 71'. A very close warm day, cloudy and Sultry. Arose early and got to work. Talked with Jam's (黎約翰) about mission work until midnight.

1888.03.15 Thurs.

Ther. 65'. Quite a change in the weather cloudy and rainy mountain covered over with mist--- In the eve. held worship in my study room, very interesting to all---