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July. 1897

1897.07.01 Thurs.

Cool and pleasant. Hos. Eve.

1897.07.02 Fri

Delightful morning. Heavy dew, birds singing, Sun-shining. Kau-a (柯玖 /柯維思))and I went by Steam Launch to Bang-kah(艋舺).

The Gauld’s (吳威廉) were on board

1897.07.03 Sat.

We left Bang-kah(艋舺) at 7 A.M. and arrived at Toa-kho-ham(大嵙崁/大溪) 3 P.M.

Went to Ang-O’s (洪湖)house, Church out of repair.

Toa-kho-ham(大嵙崁/大溪) bap. 5 Commu:15

1897.08.04 Sun.

Cool cloudy.

Preached on Rom. XV. 13

Bap. 5—Lord’s Supper, 2 Japs and 12 Chinese: 15 in all and 26 at worship.

Come back to Bang-kah (艋舺)and were 8 hours on the road.

1897.07.05 Mon.

Come out to Tamsui (淡水)and drilled Students Col. in eve.

Cool, Cloudy and showers of rain.

Chheng-gi left house for chapel. Sowed flowers seeds. Toa-tiu-tiaN on 11th

1897.07.06 Tues.

Chheng-gi (陳清義)went from our house to the Chapel to stay.

Sowed flower Seeds. Daisy etc. Hos. at noon. Cool in eve.

1897.07.07 Wed

Cloudy, cool, oppressive near noon. Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.07.08 Thurs.

Clear sky. ‘ Formosa’ went early.

1897.07.09 Fri.

Hot. Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.07.10 Sat.

Dew, clear sky.

Kau-a(柯玖 /柯維思) and I went to Toa-tiu-tiaN (大稻埕)stayed over night.

Ke-tsu very good

1897.07.11 Sun.

I preached on Rom. XV. 13. 100 present. Several in tears.

We came out and met in the Col. in eve.

1897.07.12 Mon

Clear sky. Hos. in eve. Formosa came in.

1897.07.13 Tues.

Clear sky, lovely day, dew at night. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. ‘ Formosa’ left at dark

1897.07.14 Wed

At 6 A.M. I went down to the Ch. and Hos. to see everyone at work. Clear sky. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

Col. closed on 15th for the time being. Tan hun-theng (陳雲騰) wishes to rest, July.15

1897.07.15 Thurs

Clear sky, Hot, arose early. Dew on the grass. Hos. Col. in eve.

Eve. letter from Tan-theng.

Closing exercise on Geograpy. Aristhmetic, Writing, Reading. Biblical doctrines.

Gauld and Gordon there. He spoke a word at the close.

Sang hymn 4 and dispersed.

1897.07.16 Fri.

Clear sky and fine day

Hos. and Col. in eve.

Called on the Consul.

1897.07.17 Sat.

Kau-a (柯玖)and I went to Bang-kah (艋舺)Ch.

Bang-kah 18th 200 present. Fine meeting.

1897.07.18 Sun.

In Bang-kah at 10 A.M. I preached on Mt. 6.33 about 200 present.

Po ha from Toa-sia was there. Came out to Tamsui at 5 P.M.

Telegram camme Sat: saying Geo. Takes Hailoong

1897.07.19 Mon.

In the morning went over to see if Mr. Gauld’s baby has measels—

An English man of war came outside of the Harbor.

1897.07.20 Tues.

The ‘ ‘ Man of war came in last night and cast anchor near PhiN-a-thau. Hos. at noon.

1897.07.21 Wed.

Hailoong came in sight at 9 A.M. at 3 P.M. she came in and we all went down and met George. Met in eve. in Col. Got Telegram from Barclay at Kelung(雞籠(基隆).

1897.07.22 Thurs.

Arose at 5 A.M. a man ran and said Japanese seized Khioh-a.

I looked over George’s things. Rev. Barclay(巴克禮) and wife came at 3 P.M.

1897.07.23 Fri.

I arose at 5 A.M. and looked over the plants etc. growing, Then talked away to George. Geo. And I called on H.B.M. Man of war ‘ Phoenix’. Col. in eve.

1897.07.24 Sat.

Rev. Barclay, Mr. George, Kau-a and I went by Steamer to Toa-tiu-tiaN(大稻埕.)

Geo.And Kau went with me to Bang-kah.

Barclay and wife did not get away & came to Bang-kah for a litter


1897.07.25 Sun.

We tooked a Rapid boat and came to Lun-a-teng(崙仔頂),

I preached on Rom. XV. 13. Col. in eve.

1897.07.26 Mon.

Clear sky. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. I spoke on John Baptist beheaded

1897.07.27 Tues

Fine day. Hos. noon. Col. eve. I spoke on Xt. Healing Paralytic. Earthquake 7 P.M.

1897.07.28 Wed

Rain at 2 A.M. Fine day.

George, Kau, Sin-iok and Chiam-ok were on board a Steam Launch bound for Kelung(雞籠(基隆)—We left Tamsui at 10 A.M. and in 3 hours arrived at Kelung.

Had a meeting in the Ch. at 7 P.M. Native and Japanese present.

1897.07.29 Thurs

Still there, we went to Palm Island and looked all round the place. Meeting in the eve.

1897.07.30 Fri

Visited Palm Island again and Called on an Officer, An Engineer to tell him that Japanese Coolies recklessly destroy flowers and plants on Mission Premise. Very kindly he said he would attend to it. Meeting in Ch. in eve.

1897.07.31 Sat

Visited places round Kelung—We all had a boat pull, the Kau, George and I had a Bicycle ride. Hot at noon.

Meeting in the eve.


August. 1897

1897.08.01 Sun.

At 10 A.M. we all met for worship. 65 present. I preached on Rom. XV:13

Bap. 12 Then 30 sat down to commem: our Lord’s dying love. Collec. $37.25.

Many Japanese present, and all very orderly. We went round to Sien-tong-khan(仙峒孔) then meeting in the eve

1897.08.02 Mon

Took the train at 4:26 P.M. and came to Tai-peh(台北), and took a Rapid boat out to Tamsui.

Where we arrived at 9 P.M. I read till near Midnight—

Some rain.

1897.08.03 Tues.

Damp, and because of the rain last night. Everything fresh and green.

Hos. Col. in eve. Gauld, Giam,He, met in my study room.

1897.08.04 Wed

Fine day—Lesson with George in the morning.

1897.08.05 Thurs

Arose early and taught George.

Physical Geo. Grammar. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.08.06 Fri

Hos. at noon. Wilkinson there.

4 P.M. Geo & Kau & others went out to beacon to swim. Worship in eve.

1897.08.07 Sat

This morning at 1.30 A.M. a boat of Kerosene oil took fire and burned all along till we went at 8 A.M. to see. And still burning—Geo. And Kau-a went down with me to see the fire.

Typhoon Hot weather Rain Typhoon

1897.08.08 Sun.

Rain all night. Rain all day. We met in Tamsui Church. I preached on 2 Kings V. 12. Ch. about full.

Lord’s Supper 45 communed, at close Gauld(吳威廉) prayed and Giam pronoun benedic.

Storm Baro. 12 A.M. 29’9

3.30P.M. ,, 7 1/2

4.20 ,, ,, 6

5.30 ,, ,, 5

7.30 ,, ,, 4

Typhoon Bar. 29’-2 sowed flower seeds

1897.08.09 Mon.

At 6 A.M. storm still raging Baro. 29’2 – Rain all day, but the wind not so strong. Bridges etc. kept floating down.

Began to change before dark and not much rain afterwards.

1897.08.10 Tues

Baro. 29-4 at 6 A.M. no rain Tai-tun(大屯) and Quangyin (觀音山)clear of clouds.

Ther. 80’ in the morning. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.08.11 Wed.

Fine morning, Sun shining. Taught Geo. Physical Geogra. And Grammer. Hos. and Col. in eve.

1897.08.12 Thurs.

Dew last night. Fine day. Hos. at noon. Col in eve.

1897.08.13 Fri.

Fine day, arose early. Tremendous shower of rain at 5 P.M.

1897.08.14 Sat.

Fine day, Clear sky. Shower,Cool, quite cool weather—

Sowed flower seeds.

1897.08.15 Sun

I preached in Ho-be.(滬尾/淡水) Ephe IV. 14

Rain- Cool –Col. eve.

1897.08.16 Mon.

Rain, Clouds cool, Geo, went with me to the Hos. Read Kanzo Uchinura’s(內村鑑三)book “ How I became a Christian” Col. in eve.

1897.08.17 Tues

Fine day indeed. Dew at night. Went over lessons with George in the morning—

Hos. at noon. Saw Consul about Deed. Col. in eve.

1897.08.18 Wed

Lovely morning. Dew last night. Clear sky. Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.08.19 Thurs

Fine day. Dew last night. Read with George. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.08.20 Fri.

Fine day. Read with George. Blackbirds singing. Hos. at noon. Col. in the eve. at usual hour.

Bang-kah Lord’s Supper, family all there

1897.08.21 Sat

Kau-a, Giam, George, Bella, Mary and Mrs. M. went with me by Steam Launch to Bang-kah.

We called on Rev. Kawai(河合龜輔) and went through Tai-peh in Rickshaws. Rain—

1897.08.22 Sun

Forenoon hot—met for worship in Bang-kah Church at 10 A.M. 317 were present and 36 Japanese—I preached on Heb. IX:22.

We ordained an Deacon, and two Elders. 92 Then observed the Lord’s Supper.

Rev. Kawai spoke a little and prayed Giam Pronoun Benedic. It was a grand meeting !

Afternoon rain in torrents. We came out tho by launch. Mr. Bonar Consul and Cap. Sin Kai were along.

Heard that Mr. Gauld (吳威廉)had a baby on sab. At 10 A.M.

George read with me up stairs.

1897.08.23 Mon

Fine day, called on Consul Bonar about Deeds. Hos. Wilkinson there. Col. in eve.

Hong-tek’s son came

Tauist things Iu-leng (林有能)

1897.08.24 Tues

Iu-leng Tauist Priest came from SaN-kak-eng(三角湧/三峽). He was away for several weeks.

He presented me with his Paraphernlia.

Also teacher from Sek-khau(錫口/松山) came to be a student.

1897.08.25 Wed.

Fine weather. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.08.26 Thurs.

Fine day. Taught Geo. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.08.27 Fri

Lovely morning, arose early. Dew on the grass—Hos. Col.

1897.08.28 Sat

Kau-a, George and I went by IN-khu-a(圓窟仔) to Lam-kham(南崁).

In the eve. 64 at worship. They put tile on preacher’s apartments and Kitchen. The flood of rain took the trees at the back out of their places, still left them standing. Converts were building stone wall.

Lam-kham 64 KhiN-a 60 IN-khut-a 93

1897.08.29 Sun

Went to KhiN-a 60 at worship and then on to IN-khut-a(圓窟仔) in eve. 93 at worship.

1897.08.30 Mon.

Left at 7.30 and got back at 9.30 I.E. three hours—Col. in eve.

1897.08.31 Tues

Taught Geo. In the morning. Hos. at noon, Operated for Drpsy. Dr. Wilkinson there. Col. in eve.


1897.09.01 Wed.

Fine weather. Taught Geo in the morning. Hos. at noon Col. in the eve.

I spoke on Chhun-chhiu.(春秋)

1897.09.92 Thurs.

Gauld, He, etc. met in my room for our monthly meeting

1897.09.03 Fri

George sick. Temp. 101’ Gave lesson to Dr. Wilkinson on Colls lauguage. Hos. at noon.

Eve. exhibited Magic Lantern views in the Girl’s School.

1897.09.04 Sat.

George still sick in bed. Ther. 102’ Somewhat cloudy—Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. Geo. 101’

1897.09.05 Sun.

Kau-a rode bicycle to Ki-li-gan(琪哩岸). I went by Chair—

Japanese Sldiers in Pak-tau Chapel. Officer said would leave in a few days.

We sang two hymns in front and left for Ki-li-gan.

Came out to Tamsui. Col. in eve.

1897.09.06 Mon.

Cloudy and damp. Clear off. Taught Geo. At 7 A.M. Hos. at noon. He went with me.

Played foot ball—Col. in eve.

Cobra seen in back part of College.

1897.09.07 Tues

Fog. Around till 9 A.M. Fine day. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.09.08 Wed.

Taught Geo. In the morning. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.09.09 Thurs

Taught George in the morning. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

Read with Geo. After worship as every night.

1897.09.10 Fri

Taught Geo. In the morning . Hos. Foot ball. I went to Consulate

At 5 P.M. Kap-tsu-lan Preacher came—Col. I spoke on Si-keng(詩經).

1897.09.11 Sat.

Fine day. Read with Geo. At 7 A.M.

Preached in Tamsui. George left at 11 A.M. 13th.

1897.09.12 Sun.

I preached at Ho-be (滬尾/淡水) on Heb. IX. 22

80 present. Afternoon in Col. on Mt. VI.33. eve. again met in Col. at 6.30 P.M. Geo. At home. Because Steamer delayed—

1897.09.13 Mon

At 11 A.M. George left on the Hai-loong Cap. Hodgings. Students went down and the Cap. invited all to go round and see the ship.

When the steamer moved out the students let off forecrackers—

Fine day, tho hot—

Ther. 90’ in the hall, and Baro. 29-15.

Hos. at noon Col. in eve.

1897.09.14 Tues

Rain nearly all day. Weather quite changed. Hot Col. in eve.

I read about John Ross till near Midnight.

1897.09.15 Wed.

Cloudy and rainy weather. Ther. 78’

1897.09.16 Thurs.

Ther. 78’ Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.09.17 Fri

Cleared off. Ther. 80’ Hos.

Gi-lan preacher left at noon.

Col. in eve.

1897.09.18 Sat.

Very hot. Hos. at noon and Col. in the eve.

1897.09.19 Sun.

Kau-a and I went to He-io-a 20 at worship. Came back in the afternoon—I spoke in Col. on Ezekiel 34.29. Mr. Gauld there.

I lec.on Physical Geography. Mr&Mrs. Barclay

1897.09.20 Mon

Dew last night. Hot day, clear sky. Hos. at noon. eve. I spoke again on Eze. 34.29.

I lec. on Physical Geo.

1897.09.21 Tues.

No dew last night. Hos. at noon and Col. in eve. very hot.

197.09.22 Wed.

Dew on grass. I arose at 5 A.M. vegatable grow nicely—

10.30 P.M. Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Barclay(巴克禮) arrived by launch. Glad to see them.

1897.09.23 Thurs.

Hot day. The Barclays the forenoon were with us and took our photos.

In the afternoon they went to Gauld’s and in the eve. were invited to Bonar’s the Consul. Came in at 11 P.M.

I lec. 3 P.M.

1897.09.24 Fri.

I arose at 3.30 A.M. went to Japanese Steamer at 6 A.M. She sailed out when near 7 A.M. I lectured in Col. on Physical Geography at 9 A.M.

Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. Gauld and boys there—

Rain Baro. 29’-18, tremendous shower, Thunder and lightening

1897.09.25 Sat.

Rain at 5 A.M. then turned out to quick wet.

Baro. At 9 A.M. 29’-18. yet a tremendous shower with thunder and lightening. Hos at noon and Col. in eve.

Ki-li-gan Pak-tau

1897.09.26 Sun

I went alone to Ki-li-gan and Pak-tau(北投). Kau-a preached in Tamsui.

In the eve. at Col. I spoke on Mk. IV.41-3. Storm in Galili, Xt. Makes a calm. Gauld there.

Rain, Rainy weather, shower( Very heavy) and sun shine.

1897.09.27 Mon.

Rain last night.

Baro. 29-14, Rain and sunshine

At 11 A.M. went to Gauld’s and Dr. Wil. Gave Chlor; I extr. 2 teeth for Mr. Gauld.

Hos. at noon. Dr. Wilkinson there. Col. in eve.

1897.09.28 Tues.

Rain and W. wind. Baro. 29-12. Hai-loong outside the ‘bar’ Hos. at noon.

Col. in eve. Began to clear off.

1897.09.29 Wed

I arose early and saw the whole garden. Things growing nicely. Bird’s singing.

Fine weather. Hos. at noon. Spoke in Col. twice on Physical Geography. Met in eve. also.

1897.09.30 Thurs

Baro. 29-16. Fine day. Taught in Col. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.