Mackay, January 8th- 16th, 1888 Trip to Kavalan










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Mackay, January 8th- 16th, 1888 Trip to Kavalan

Bab. 15+9=24

1888.01.08 Sun.

Ther. 56'. Very heavy dew and lovely weather. Arose early and with Sun-a (順仔,葉順) went on to Sin-sia (新社)and at once called all to meet for worship. Then I preached to a large gathering and bap. Fifteen after which we took a short cut towards the main-road and soon joined Dr. Warburg so we went on together and at noon came to Tai-li-kan (大里簡)where we had dinner, then I spoke and bap. nine (9). Walking quite rapid we came to Pak-koan and there I spoke a few words Sung Several hymns in front of a small dwelling, extracted Some teeth and moved on - pushed on at a rapid pace and when dark entered the Ta-ma-ien (打馬煙)chapel. After taking some food the building was soon filled and I addressed them then rested for some time and prepared two boats to go to Steep Island(龜山島). Board were put in the bottom and covering

Steep Island

made overhead. At 10 P.M. we went aboard and after midnight push out through the surf all of us getting a good wetting. We sailed on now taking this way and that until day-break when we ran fairly up to the landing place.

1888.01.09 Mon.

Ther. 70'.

After partaking of a light breakfast A Hoa (阿華,嚴清華)and myself went off a exploring. We walked up on the top of Steep Island (龜山島)and observed, potatoes, vegetables etc. in patches here and there amidst the tall coarse grass which was very rank. The rock formation was the same as opposite on the Formosa side. A laminated kind of Slate and sand Stone with here and there igneous. Rock or boulder which formed the Wild ducks edge all round. On one side which was very Steep, hot water and Sulphurous Steam ascended! whilst whitish Cinders were scattered about the base, near the dashing water.

Coming down we walked along the side of an enclosed body of water which is influenced by the tides, at low water it is pretty fresh, and at high tide it is quite brackish, owing no doubt to underground communication. A Strip of made soil and stones formed the western boundary and on it the village of fishermen amounting to about 300 stood. We were told that during the cold season hundreds of wild ducks swim about on the tranquil surface of the water for days at a time----

We also visited the only Spring of Fresh water coming out of the side of the rugged edge and trickling down at first then running into the enclosed Pond.

I addressed quite a number outside dispensed medicines-extracted teeth, and again went into our boats and at there was no wind the ailer had to pull back with all their might under a blazing sun. It was 1 P.M. when through the surf we plunged and arrived at the Ta-ma-ien (打馬煙)chapel.

About 3 P.M. we set off on foot passing through Hoan-sia-thau (番社頭)where I addressed the building full of people. Then we pressed on and got to SaN-kiat-a-kiat(三結仔街/宜蘭) at dark.

An immense crowd, fully 300 pressed into the chapel and I addressed them, extracted many teeth and dispensed medicines. Dr. Warburgh was present retired late----

Toa chiu(大洲)

1888.01.10 Tues.

 ----Cloudy and showers of rain at intervals-Left early and pass through Toa-chiu(大洲), halted in front of a rich man's house, extracted many teeth and Spoke for sometime then went on to Toa-O which is a large valley between wooded hills where Savages roam----we had dinner at A-li-sai (阿里史)where the headman Tan-hui (陳輝)has his home. The houses were mostly of stone and covered with tiles lest the Savages should come accidentally and unexpectly upon them. about two dozen after dinner took spears and guns, so we went along through tall grass till we came to Chhen-kui-siaN. (槍櫃城). There a Stockade of posts put in the ground served as protection from the savages. The head military mandarin came out, took me by the hand and let me into his inner apartment where I had to take tea, then Dr. Warburg took a photo of two dozen savages who were there, then a photo of PiN-po-hoan (平埔番)with spears and guns in their hands-After which we moved on to Pat-li-sai (八哩沙)When rain came down rather heavy so after examining another kind stockade there we returned to A-li-sai(阿里史). Saw them there killed a water buffalo and goat. At night 50 children sat on the floor of the chapel whilst grown up persons stood like a compact mess all round and though wet a great crowd stood outside whilst I spoke. Then all sang for an hour or two. After arranging many Mission matters I meditated for hours------

the Toa-O(大澳) valley is peopled about as below---

A-li-sai (阿里史)170 PiN-po-hoan (平埔番)and about the half have interest in the Gospel. They have no field as yet. Have houses.

Chhen-kui-siaN(槍櫃城). 170. About 50 show an interest in the Lord's work. Field as yet not secured.

Tu-iau-pi.(抵瑤埤)40 in all and a few are hearers also. No fields.

Ku-pho-siaN(龜埔城)-- About 20. several attend regularly-No field as yet secured.

In the eve. I bap. At A-li-sai.

1888.01.11 Wed.

Ther. 68'.

A lovely charming morning, got ready early and made a start along the base of the hills. Then passed through Lo-tong (羅東)where I spoke a while in the chapel. Crowds assembled around the door to listen. Then we passed on to Ta-na-bi (打那美)where the people soon assembled and I again addressed them. then we moved on to Pi-thau(埤頭) where I spoke in the chapel to crowded house, then we hurried to Chin-chu-li-kan(珍珠里簡) where dinner was soon made and I immediately expounded the Gospel to them. There was a large gathering and all were intensely interested----

Then we march off to So-o (蘇澳)halted a few minutes in the chapel and took a boat to Lam-hon-o(南方澳). In the eve. the chapel was pack full and I spoke of the sinners wicked hearts----conversed long with Dr. Warburg.

1888.01.12 Thurs

Ther. 67'. ---

Left early and in the So-o( So-bay, 蘇澳) chapel preached to a large crowd who quickly assembled. Bap. One woman extracted many teeth and came on to Ki-bu-lan(奇武荖) where I spoke in the chapel for upwards of an hour-Then came on to Lau-lau-a (流流仔)where we had dinner and I attended to nineteen converts all down with fever, then preached for an hour and made for Ka-le-a-oan (加禮宛) examing a new chapel --adressed the people and walked down to Pho-lo-sin-a oan(婆羅辛仔灣) where a new building Stands in sight of the old one destroyed by a typhoon. Found it very well attended to and all things very comfortable. We had a grand meeting in the eve. when I again spoke.

1888.01,13 Fri.

Ther. 68'.

--Another lovely day with the sun up bright and clear. Indeed it was a hot, sultry day and we hurried on to Sau-hut (掃笏)and there met Dr. warburgh. The sun poured down his rays like a heated furnace-Under the fire however we marched on to Kip-liap-ban(奇立板) and there had dinner then I extracted teeth and we returned to Sau-hut (掃笏)where many preachers and converts were there assembled. I spent the afternoon settling mission troubles etc. In the eve. after all dined we met in the chapel to the number of 2 or 3 hundred. When I spoke for two hours-bap admitted as Deacons and as Elders-then we sung for some time and I had a meeting with the Preachers till midnight-----

1888.01,14 Sat.

Ther. 59'.

Before day break the rain poured down in torrents. All cloudy, wet and damp we started off and got to SaN-kiat-a-koe(三結仔街/宜蘭) where I spoke in the Street and extracted many teeth then hurried through rain to Sin-a-han (新仔罕)where a new chapel is going up and all very well done-After dinner Settled a dispute between a Preacher and his wife. The rain came down in torrents the whole eve. So we met in the house used as chapel and when all got fairly seated down and quietness prevailed I addressed the whole packed place and we had a glorious time Singing our hymns till quite late and still the rain poured like floods. Retired wearied.

173 Communed. Sin-a-han (新仔罕)or Wilson Chapel Bab.65

1888.01,15 Sun.

Ther. 58'.

Rain still came down like floods and the people all met in the Sin-a-han chapel when myself and A Hoa bap. ( 65) Sixty five in all. Thirty-five male and and thirty female. Sun-a helped to arrange in rows. So we had a quiet meeting I preached, then (173) one hundred and seventy three commemorated the dying love of our Lord and Redeemer-

It was a grand gathering and all were in such good Spirits. After the service was over we went to Bu-loan and I spoke(武暖) at length, then to Ki-bu-lan(奇武荖) where I spoke of God's love. Then we went to Ta-khoe (礁溪)where I compared Christ's doctrine and Buddhist sayings. We then went to Ki-liap-tan (奇立丹)where I spoke and from there to Toa-tek-ui (大竹圍)where I addressed a full house and we remained over night----


1888.01,16 Mon.

Ther. 60'.

 ---Left early and came on to Thau-siaN (頭城)where I spoke for some time in the chapel and in the streets extracted teeth and distri. Sheets etc. then along the sea-side kept on till we came to Pak-koan which we passed by and at 1 P.M. were at Tai-li-kan(大里簡) and put up for the night. Afternoon we saw upwards of 50 Sick people. In the eve. the chapel was full. Three preachers viz. Ko-chin(高振), Thien-sang (天送) and Lau-thim (劉琛)came in Just when going to worship. They were told by PiN-po-hoan (平埔番) that I wanted them. Alas! For poor Ko-chin (高振)who should be in bed. I called the attention of all to the mistake then invited them to be anxious about Eternal life--------------