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1872.06.01 在寓所開始診療。1872.06.10有一人許銳來自南台灣。1872.06.21 洋行的醫師 Dr. Franklyn



Sat.1st .

Began Hospital work myself. Went into the country (two miles away & met a man with sore eyes begged ****  went to his house & pleaded) and brought in a few patients and attended to them. Then prepared for sab. at worship in the eve. 60 present. Some young men interested. A Hoa talked to them after I got through.

Sun 2.

At 10 A.M. preached to my countryman who listened attentively. Again went through the country village singing and preaching


Again at Romans (羅馬人書) and other portions of the Bible. So all cities in the World of importance. I lectured on Nineveh. A Hoa prepared for an examination on the Geography of the World.

Tues 4

A- Hoa passed written and oval examination on the world of ours. Immediately afterwards I lectured on Physical geography, he taking notes, 65 in evening to worship.

Wed. 5.

Twenty patients in the morning some had to remain so I put them up till we arranged a bamboo dwelling house for them. Large attendance in the eve.

Thurs. 6

Quite an increase in the number of patients. Romans (羅馬人書) still on our hands.

Fri 7.

Drilling on the Epistles of Paul after attending to many sick people. Black board exercise on various subjects.

Sat 8

We drilled ( What a sweet word) on Characters, Colloquial, Geography, Epistles (書信) etc. Prepared to preach in English--

Sun 9.

Addressed the Foreign at 10 A.M. and preached the Gospel of Christ miles around. 70 at worship--

Mon 10

A man ( came from the south of Formosa and on examination I found wonderfully wanting in many matters. He clearly had no foundation…

Was unable to go along side of A Hoa so I taught him by himself which incurred much more labor-- We all Worked away. A Hoa learning how to dispense medicines--

Tues 11.

Attended to the Patients then sat down to Stiff work. One man from the country called and sat all day listening and looking us working away. He said he would like to come another time.

Wed. 12.

At the Old Testament and the Question book on the same. Conversed for a long time with several patients, One whom I cured completely of “ Conjunctivitis Granularis”.  A Hoa also Spent an hour with him.

Thurs 13.

Thirty sick people were present at 10 A.M. after attending to all. I took up the life of Enoch. all working away pretty hard. Indoor patients came our eve. worship so 80 listened to the message.

Fri. 14.

My little house is now dwelling place, chapel and Hospital. Indeed college too for that matter although the Students were not many--

Sat. 15.

Got through with dispensing soon as possible, then drilled A Hoa etc. till noon when he cleaned out our ‘Institution’ and I prepared for next day. Strolled down to the sea-side

Sun 16.

Preached in English forenoon and afternoon in Chinese. Quite busy the whole time till eve. When we threw opened the doors and Sung hymns etc.--A crowd stood outside, Many friendly and many clearly the opposite--

Mon 17.

Life of Lot occupied the forenoon.

Tues 18.

Quite a number of children came as patients with their parents etc. Drilled A Hoa on the 214 Radicals until he knew them like we know a. b. c. Nothing like Repetition to make idea stick in the mind. Repeating aloud indeed.

Wed. 19.

The life of Jospeph took our time after the patients got their doses. Poor Joseph Still it is a good thing to graduate at the University of Experience.

Thurs 20.

Romans 8th chap. on hand and I expect will be for many a day. Don’t know if we can ever get it off our hands. Hope will never let it out of our hearts. “If God be for us, who can be against us.” 

                       Dr. Franklyn (who failed to got Chinese patients)

Fri 21.

Dr. Franklyn the community doctor came round to help in the forenoon. about the usual number of patients. Black board exercises. Geography drilling.   

(I paid him $50 and bought *** his medicines.)

Sat 22.

Reviewed the past work and arranged for the following day. Eve. service 80.

Sun. 23.

Preached in English on Mt. 27:25. “His Blood”, 12 present. Afternoon and eve. Chinese service.

Mon. 24.

Life of Isaac looked into and Paul’s Epis-- Again amongst the lads with the Water Buffaloes--

Tues 25 . Studied and taught.

Wed. 26.

Read and called attention to the life of Noah. Practical lessons drawn.

Thurs 27.

The life of Jesus was taken up heartily. Walked down to the sea talking about it. stood looking at fisherman and thought of the sea of Galilee. Good place for meditation.

Fri 28.

Still at the life of our Lord and will indeed be at it until the trumpet blasts and I believe after that and beyond and alove this world of sin and sorrow--

Sat 29.

Left A Hoa etc. to themselves and prepared for Our Lord’s day.

Sun 30.

Preached on board the “Avon”, Sailors very attentive.