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1895年11月19日 馬偕博士全家及門徒柯維思(Kau-a,柯玖)返台,隨即巡視北部教會看到多所禮拜堂為日軍佔用。12月4日軍慰問使細川瀏牧師與馬偕博士在艋舺教會會晤共同舉行台、日人聯合禮拜。12月5日見總督。

Back to Tamsui

1895.11.19        Tues. 19

About noon after a trip of wretchedness we got back to Tamsui. A Hoa (阿華,嚴清華) met us on the Streamer also the Gauld’s etc.

Our house was in perfect order.

1895.1120         Wed. 20

Got boxes out of customs and opened many of them.

1895.11.21         Thurs. 21

Arranging my books etc. I called on the British Consul Mr Ayston and in the afternoon Mr.Mrs, Ayston and children called on us--

1895.11.22          Fri. 22

I went to the Hos. at noon and in the eve. we all went across to Rev. Mr. Gauld(吳威廉牧師), stayed till 10 P.M. and then came back.


1895.11.23          Sat. 23

Giam(嚴清華), Kau-a((柯玖) and I went to Bang-kah (艋舺)by Steam Launch. Kau and I rode our Bicycle along the streets, crowds followed.

10 A.M. service Kau-a and I spoke a little.

1895.11.24         Sun. 24

10 A.M. Kau-a and I spoke to a church full. We went to Toa-tiu-tiaN(大稻埕) and in the eve. at Bang-kah(艋舺) the church was more than full. 3 Japanese soldier and a Doctor were present—

1895.11.25         Mon. 25

We went to the Governor’s place and told the chief Sec. Mr. Mijuno (水野) that there were soldiers in half a dozen chapels. He said ‘ I will attend to the matter etc’

We extracted a dozen teeth and came out to Tamsui at 7 P.M. From the day we landed I have been hailed with joy by the Chinese. In Bang-kah old and young in the streets welcomed me back. Japanese also welcomed us—


1895.11.26          Tues. 26

Ten Japanese of position came to our house and saw the Museum with great delight. Mr. Noremoto called in the eve. He is a Christian.

1895.11.27          Wed. 27

Atteding to household matters.

1895.11.28          Thurs. 28

In and around the house.

1895.11.29          Fri.29

Writing and teaching Georgie.

1895.11.30           Sat. 30

Kau, Giam, and I went to Pak-tau.(北投) In the eve. Chapel full.

All delighted at our return. A number met us playing on instructments.


           Dec. 1895

1895.12.01          Sun. 1

We had a meeting in the Pak-tau chapel at 10 A.M. packed full.

Went to Pa-chien-na and was welcomed, then to Lun-a-teng(崙仔頂0 where we were again made welcome.

Crossed over Chiu-nih(洲裡) and were met by a large crowd.

The entire population turned out to welcome us.

Eve. we spoke for a full hour the building was fuller than I ever saw it and 100 outside.

1895.12.02           Mon. 2

At 8 A.M. left Chiu-nih and came out by the launch to Tamsui.

1895.12.03           Tues. 3

At home and engaged fitting up our house.

1895.12.04           Wed. 4

After dinner Giam and Kau went with me on the Launch up to Bang-kah. We were not in the Chapel very long until Mr. Jasaka came in and then hurried away for Mr. Hosokawa and a Japanese missionary.

In eve. at 7 P.M. 14 Japanese met for worship with us. The building was full of chinese. I held a Chinese service first then Mr. Hosokawa(細川) addressed the Japanese into their own language and I afterwards spoke in English, he interpreted.

I dwelt briefly on two points viz. Loyalty to their Emperor and loyalty to Jesus Xt. Mr. Hosokawa then spoke in English and we closed a grand meeting by singing our 40th hymn to a PiN-po-hoan (平埔番) tune.

1895.12.05              Thurs. 5

Mr. Hosokawa(細川), Giam, Kau, Gong went with me to call on the Governor(總督) according to the wish of Hoso. On our arrival at the place an Officer took our cards and after seeing the Gov. returned and said to me we could not see him as we were at the Gov. private residents etc. He said to me “ You are proud and ignorant etc. I said ‘your pardon sir, this Japanese brought me here” then followed some words between the official and his countryman. I left with my Chinese followers—

At 1 P.M. we took an open car ( there being nothing else for it) bound for Kelung(基隆), in a Sampan we went to the Chapel.

At 7 P.M. held service 10 Japanese soldiers entered. Sat down for a while in seats which we gave near the front, then got up, went out and kept whistling for a few minutes as if wishing to annoy. Then converts and other Chinese mearly fill the church.

1895.12.06               Fri. 6

We left Kelung and hurried along so that we were at the Ten-sian-khoe (頂雙溪) chapel at noon. Called on the Japanese Officer in the Chapel Mr.     He said that he was very thankful to be in it and w’d leave by and bye etc. He was very civil.

In the eve. at Sin-sia (新社) Chapel, full and clean. Five meeting. We were welcomed there as at Kelung and in the morning a number led us out to the main road. The singing was good.