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May 1897

Pang-liau (枋寮)reopened

1897.95.01 Sat.

Fine day. Hos at noon, at 4 P.M. took rapid boat at 9 P.M. got to Bang-kah.(艋舺)

1897.05.02 Sun.

Kau-a and I went to Pang-liau (枋寮)and we opened the newly repaired chapel.

Then came out by Rapid boat. Col. in eve.

1897.05.03 Mon.

Hos. at noon . Col. in eve. Examin: on Arithmetic.

1897.05.04 Tues.

Very warm. Repairing Tamsui Chapel. A Japanese Minister called on me. Also Dr. Writh –

1897.05.05 Wed.

Hot. we met in my study room to discuss Mission matters.

Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.05.06 Thurs.

Hot and Sultry. At 8 P.M. wind, rain, thunder and lightening. Baro. 29-14

Continued all night- -Hai-mun in. Gauld(吳威廉) and Gordon went to night to Col.

Rebels (叛民) attack Toa-tiu-tiaN(大稻埕)

1897.05.07 Fri

Cloudy and cooler. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

Rebels attacked Toa-tiu-tiaN and robed many houses—


1897.05.08 Sat

Heard the Rebels in Toa-tiu-tiaN attacked houses at 3.20 A.M. and were repulsed at 7.A.M.

Col. in eve. Rain! Rain!!Rain!!!

1897.05.09 Sun

I preached in Tam-sui on Horsea (何西亞書) VIII.12

Rain all day. Col. in eve.

1897.05.10 Mon

Fine day on the whole. Repairing church at Ho-be (滬尾). Hos. at noon. Col. in eve

1897.05.11 Toes

Dew on the grass in the morning. Lovely day.

Report that the Rebels will make another attack on Toa-tiu-tiaN(大稻埕).

Met in Col. Gauld(吳威廉) and Gordon there.

Read till midnight—

Sin-tsng(新莊) Rebel scare about Tamsui Sun.16

1897.05.12 Wed.

Hot and sultry. Looking after chapel repair. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.05.13 Thurs

Hot, usual work.

1897.05.14 Fri

Hot and cloudy.

1897.05.15 Sat.

Kau-a and I went to Bang-kah(艋舺). Theng in the Chapel—

1897.05.16 Sun.

We went to Sin-tsng(新莊). I spoke on Hosea VIII. 12. Came out to Tamsui

Rebel scare. Mr. Gauld (吳威廉) came over to say Mrs. Gauld and children were going to Consuls to stay over night—

1897.05.17 Mon.

Repairing church in Tamsui.(淡水) Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. Very hot weather

1897.05.18 Tues.

Clear hot day. Hos. repair Church at Tamsui(淡水). Col. in eve. Moon light night.

Went in the morning to see if Gauld would have a tooth out. Did not extract.

1897.05.19 Wed.

Hot repairing the church. Hos. Col in eve. Formosa came in.

1897.05.20 Thurs.

Still hot. Hos. Repair church.

Col. at 6.30 P.M.

1897.05.21 Fri.

Cool. Hos. Col. in eve. Consul Bonar called round to tell me about a communication.

1897.05.22 Sat.

Kau-a and I went to Bang-kah(艋舺).

1897.05.23 Sun.

We went to Pang-kio(枋橋/板橋), Pang-liau (枋寮)and Sin-tsng (新莊)Christians met there also. I spoke on Prov. XVIII:24

Bap.4 – Lord’s Supper 47 present and 97 in all at worrship. Fine meeting—

Came out to Tamsui and met in Col

1897.05.24 Mon

Wet nearly all day—usual work.

1897.05.25 Tues.

Not much rain. Col. and Hos.

Tan-ban died 23th, I preached I Japs. 100 Japs there

1897.05.26 Wed

Fine day. Repairing chapel. Hos at noon. Col. in eve.

Got letter from Kawai (河合龜輔)Tai-peh.

1897.05.27 Thurs

Hot day. Repairing church. Hos. at noon Col. in eve.

1897.05.28 Fri.

Hot, usual work—Tan-ban died

1897.05.29 Sat.

Kau-a and I went to Bang-kah. I preached to Japanese in their church 100 present. Ps. 49.2

1897.05.30 Sun .

We went to Sin-tsng (新莊)I preached on Ps. 45.2

Observed Lord’s supper 50 present and 80 at worship—

Pang-liau , Pn-kio and E-khamhad members there. Came out to Tamsui in the eve. and met in Col. for prayer and praise—

1897.05.31 Mon.

Hot usual work. Hos. Col. and repairing Church—

June 1897

1897.06.01 Tues

Hot. Tan-He (陳火)etc. came out and we all met in my study at 4 P.M. Col. in eve. “ Formosa” came in.

1897.06.02 Wed.

Hot and oppressive. Hos. at noon From 7 A.M. to 10 A.M. arranging medicines in the Hos. – Repairing ch. Col. in eve.

1897.06.03 Thurs.

Hot, H.B.M. man of war ‘ Plover’ came in at noon and dropped anchor inside. I called to see Consul at 2.30 P.M.

1897.06.04 Fri

Another hot day.

Miyoshi akawai and wife and several Japanese called. Hos. Col. in eve. Gauld there.

1897.06.05 Sat

Hot. Repairing the Church. Hos. Col. in the eve.

There has been a regular hot wave passing over us here.

Ther. Up to 90’ in the shade. Very oppressive.

Ki-li-gan Bap & Comm:

1897.06.06 Sun

Kau-a and I went to Ki-li-gan(琪哩岸. I asked the people to assemble outside under bamboo trees—

I spoke on John IV. 24 “ God is Spirit” Bap. 4 and Sat at Communion, and were converts and families including Pak-tau(北投). Were hearers standing around. It was truly a good meeting. We returned and met in Col. in eve.

Hut-le came as student.

1897.06.07 Mon

Cooler, Cloudy weather. Repair chapel.

Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.06.08 Tues

Usual work.

1897.06.09 Wed

Hot all day long---

1897.06.10 thurs

Repairing ch. painting –Hos. Col.

Mr. W. D. Davy. Paymaster R.W. ‘Plaver’ Called.

Dr. Londesborough(蘭大衛) came in Haimun from Amoy. Dined with us.

Went to Col. spoke a few words. Went with him to Sin-kai Steamer.

1897.06.11 Fri

Sin-kai left 5.30 A.M. fine day. Dr. Wilkinson came to Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.06.12 Sat.

Still warm. Busy all day. I went on board the “ Plover’ at 4 P.M.

1897.06.13 Sun

Kau-a and I went to Chiu-nih(洲裡(和尚洲/蘆洲). I preached on Heb. VII. 25.

Came out again. Met in Col. –Students spoke on Text.s the first time.

1897.06.14 Mon

At 6 A.M. measured the land near Foreign Cemetry, Kau-a and Chheng-gi (陳清義)along—

Repairing church. Col. in eve.

1897.06.15 Tues.

Fime morning . I got up at 4.30 A.M. 7 A.M. went to look over the work.

1897.06.16 Wed.

All day at work. Cap. of ‘ Plover’ amd Dr. Called—

Feast at the governor’s

1897.06.17 Thurs

Kau-a and I went by Launch to Bang-kah at 5 P.M.

I went to a ‘Feast’ at the Governor General’s

On 17th June 1895. The Formosan Government was established here.

Hence the ‘ Feast’ in commemoration thereof.

The Governor was very pleasant indeed. Cool weather.

1897.06.18 Fri.

We came out to Tamsui(淡水). Mr. Jenkins and Dr. Wilkinson were on the Launch also.

Rain, cool.

1897,06.19 Sat.

Heavy rain last night. Showers this morning.

Kau-a and I went at 11 A.M. to IN-khu-a. (圓窟仔)Rain—

Tan Siah (陳錫)and wife there.

1897.06.20 Sun.

We went very early to Tho-a-hng(桃仔園) Toa-kho-kham(大嵙崁/大溪), and SaN-kak-eng(三角湧/三峽). Converts came. I preached on Heb.VII.25.

Bap. 4 men and 3 women.

Lord’s Supper 23 and 50 at worship. Two women ( Chr’n) walked fr. SaN-kak-eng 17 li.

Bang-kah 100 present.

1897.06.21 Mon

At Bang-kah. Wet.

1897.06.22 Tues.

Still at Bang-kah. In the eve. 100 at worship.

1897.06.23 Wed.

We came out to Tamsui by Rapid boat. Constable Cheetham came from the consulate to say they killed a snake over 7 feet long—I was asked to go and see it.

1897.06.24 Thurs.

Arose early and went to Hos. at 7 A.M. I operated on 3 eyes for Entropien. Sun-a was there.

Ng-bok-ho (Tho-a-hng student) e Kia Ng-chun-bok

1897.06.25 Fri.

Repairing the chapel. Hos. and Col. meeting in Col. at 6.30 P.M.

Gauld and Gordon there.

1897.06.26 Sat

Se-thoan brought. 3 medusa in a bowel alive, most lovely

Quite cool. Some rain.

Go-ko-khiN(五股坑) bap.2

1897.06.27 Sun

Kau-a and I went to Go-ko-khiN. I spoke on Rom. XV:13.

Bap. 2 .Lord’s Suppe. 18 and hearers 63. Chiu-nih(洲裡(和尚洲/蘆洲) there also.

Come out again. Col. in eve.

I spoke on John V. 40. and Isai. 53.11.

Gauld and Gordon there. Cloudy coverd.

1897.06.28 Mon.

Fine day. Fixing about the church and Hos. Col. in eve.

Lim-liu (林柳)and Lim iu-leng ( 林有能) came from SaN-kak-eng.(三角湧/三峽)

1897.06.29 Tues.

Cloudy and cool. Davidson and Prof. Burton called.

I drilled students. Hos. at noon.

Fixing mission grounds around Tamsui Ch. Col. in eve.

1897.06.30 Wed.

Arose at 5 A.M. Cloudy and Cool. Hos. Letters from Geo. Col. in eve.

Still at work repairing and fixing Hos. grounds. Col. in eve.