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1889.12.10 Tues.

Ther. 63’. Rain poured down and we were very cold and wet. Arrived in good time at Teng-siang khoe(頂雙溪). Thien Leng(莊天能) a student was there and our eve. meeting was very good, quite a number attended – One young fellow was suspended –

1889.12.11 Wed.

Ther. 70’. Made an early start and crossed over to Sin-sia(新社)near the sea. There Rev. Tan He(陳火)came out to meet us. soon we were in the new chapel built in 3 mos. by him. Money = $500 given by Mrs. Cap. Mackay Canada or rather Detroit(底特律). It was to put up a chapel in memory of W.C.Burns(賓威廉). It is of stone and we found it finished, clean in and *out side, and all looking very handsome. ---- In the afternoon we took a *boat and pushed out towards the sea. On the high bank, which was composed of sand stuck somehow together we saw hundreds of magpies and their holes for laying eggs and hatching. These holes were made by the birds using both * and legs and varied from a few inches to more than a foot in depth. – Many swallows also had similar holes for nests. This sand when near the base* of the bank and under the * became compact and formed slabs of stone which were used by the villagers in housebuilding. We had a large meeting at night

1889.12.12 Thurs.

Ther. 66’ – started early and had dinner at Tai-li-kau(大里簡), then marched on to Pak-koan, where we found all the Pi-po-hoan (平埔番) had gone away into the new settlement. Moved on then to Thau-siaN(頭城), halted a while in the chapel and crossed over under rain to Ta-ma-*(打馬煙)where in the eve. we Observed the communion and suspended 4. Then sang till quite late.

1889.12.13 Fri..

Ther. 68’. Went to Hoan-sia-thau(番社頭), Bap. 25 and 67 sat down to the Lord’s table.

Proceeded to Bu-loan(武暖). And commemorated the dying love of our Lord. –

From there went to Sin-a-hau(辛仔罕). Bap. 17. & 84 communed, we then walked on to SaN-Kiet-a-koe(三結仔街), I preached to a large and quiet house full of people.

1889.12.14 Sat.

Ther. 70’. Making an early start we passed through rice fields and over fine grazing land and at noon halted at Bang-a-hun-po(蚊仔煙埔)where about 200 Pi-po-hoan are building houses, we laid out the new village and located a site for the chapel, then went on to Ang-chha-na(紅柴林) where over 100 are making new homes. We had dinner and looked out a chapel site, after which 20 men escorted us and in crossing a deep mountain stream all Joined hands --- Savage villages

We passed through Chheng-kui-sia(槍櫃社) and near dark got to A-li-sai (阿里史)where we put up for the night. Rain poured down and every-where was mud.

1889.12.15 Sun

Ther. 61’. We went with a party to Phoa-po-o (破布烏)within the Mountains and visited two savage villages, near the base of the mountains. Tall grass and Reeds stood on every hand. -- -- I sat with the old chief beside the fire and all seemed pleased. We sang several hymns in front of the door and returned to Phoa-po-o (破布烏)for the night. Being wet and cold we made a fire of sticks and warmed ourselves. Heavy, dark clouds sent floods of rain down.

Rain, water covering the Pathway etc.

1889.12.16 Mon. .

Ther. 62’. At Chheng-kui-sia (槍櫃社) 63 assembled for worship. 10 were bap. 2 were appointed Deacons. 26 at communion. Crossed to A-li-sai(阿里史), 58 at service. 13 bap. The Petty Mandarin there killed an ox and sent a man with the hind quarters to the next chapel, as I could not wait to dine with him. ---- Our start was rather late and as we took narrow paths, short cuts etc. we had a time of it --- water covered the paths in many places one. two & 2 1/2feet deep so that we could not follow; but every now and again were in the rice fields and pools etc. Heavy rains caused the streams to become swollen. So we were on the way till dark when we arrived at Tang-koe-soaN (冬瓜山)where we preached and spent the night. It is a Chinese place and we had a grand opportunity to make known the Gospel. extr. teeth etc.

1889.12.17 Tues.

Ther. 64’ Proceed to Chin-tsu-li-kan(珍珠里簡) had a worship 72 being present, 8 were bap. 45 communed. Then went to Ki-bu-lan(奇武荖)38 met 21 communed, we were so thankful to see the chapel covered and repaired by themselves—Thence we proceeded to So-o (蘇澳)halted a while and crossed by boat to Lam-hong-o(南方澳) 93 met in the eve. 2 Bap. 54 communed. Ordained 2 elders. Rain poured down and outside was dark as pitch.

1889.12.18 Wed.

Ther. 68’ At Lau-lau-a(流流仔) halted and walked to Ka-le-oan(加禮宛) and observed the Lords supper, went to Pho-lo-sin-a-oan (婆羅辛仔宛)but Lau-lau-a(流流仔), and they all met at Ka-le-oan (加禮宛)64 communed.

1889.12.19 Thurs.

Ther. 65’ At Pi-thau(埤頭) over 100 met and 87 partook of the Lord’s supper, at Ta-na-bi(打那美). Member fixed the chapel 21 partook of the feast.

Walked to Sau-hut(掃笏) and saw how nicely the Oleanders grow.

In the eve. 50 communed.

1889.12.20 Fri

Ther. 65’ At Ki-li-pan (奇立 )

28 Communed and we preached I.E. Giam-chheng-hoa(嚴清華 and Myself. Marriage, Slippery paths

1889.12.20 Fri. continued

Ther. 63’ Fearful time geeting to Tang-mn-thau(董門頭), Rain and mud on every hand—67 at service—

Ho-beng (何明)a preacher got married so I spoke on that subject and all were in great glee.

1889.12.21 Sat.

Ther. 67’ Passed through Ki-bu-lan (奇武荖) over slippery paths. Halt for dinner then under heavy rain went to Ki-lip-tan (奇立丹)84 met at once 63 communed after which we went Toa-tek-ui(大竹圍) and remained all night. 42 at eve. service 20 partook of the Lord’s supper and we sang until quite late. Then talked over church matters—

1889.12.22 Sun

Ther. 66’ Started early for Thau-siaN (頭城)and there Giam pressed on ahead to Tai-li-kan(大里簡)and remained over night. Rain came in torrents and the night was so stormy that only a few come out—

We preached at all halting places on the road through—

1889.12.23 Mon.

Ther. 64’ Went round by Sin-sia(新社) and again took a boat to see the hole made by magpies etc. A large gathering at night.

1889.12.24 Tues.

Ther. 68’ Back to Teng-siang-khoe(頂雙溪) and remained all night—

Good meeting at dark.

Rain poured down—

1889.12.25 Wed.

Ther. 63’ Rain, rain, Rain!!! We got to Kelung(基隆) in good time and had a large gathering in the eve.

1889.12.26 Thurs.

Ther. 65’ Got back to Bang-kah (艋舺)

1889.12.27 Fri.

Ther. 67’At Bang-kah(艋舺) attending to church matters—

1889.12.28 Sat.

Ther. 64’ Still in the city busy all the time—

1889.12.29 Sun.

Ther. 62’ Preached in the Chapel and City. Eve. spent singing with Several Converts—

Retired quite late wearied enough.

1889.12.30 Mon.

Ther. 61’ Rain and Wind prevailing. In the city at work

1889.12.31 Tues.

Ther. 64’ in Bang-kah (艋舺)

Another month and year closed – closed forever—Well, I have had many anxieties troubles, sickness etc. Still I am here.

The Lord Jehovah Reigns!

O the past! O the future!

Great God keep this poor heart.