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January, 1888

1888.01.01 Sun.

Ther. 56'.

Clear and dry went out around for a while then got ready for a trip. Georgie ( Pai-chi-a) went with me, and Kau (玖,柯玖) in chairs, then Sun-a (順仔,葉順)and O (湖,連湖)started on the Pones, but fell twice then gave it up and returned wet, muddy and cold we went on and about noon passed through was is called Bamboo grove. Lovely Spot indeed the bamboo trees varying from half an inch to two inches in diameter and all straight and without limbs branches or leaves fully twenty feet high. All So lovely and as if put there by man's hands, no underbrush to be seen so the whole had such a clean effect. Then along a clear mountain stream abundance of watercress growing wild___ Many Fir trees also to be seen and rocks ( Igneous) in beds of Streams_____ at one O'clock we were at Sin-tsng-a (新莊) where I extracted teeth. preached the Gospel and distributed commandment Sheet and Calendar. Spoke a word also at every shop on the road-side going and coming. We got back at 3 P.M. Then I spoke to all in my study room--- when eve. came all about the house, Students, Servants etc. all dined at our kitchen and then came in for worship again , we sang till very late, then I retired; but not to Sleep. O for faithfulness in days to come and help from God Almighty. Another year is gone! gone!! gone!!!


1888.01.02 Mon.

Ther. 56'.

Clear and cool day with little wind. Busy arranging accounts and Straightening affairs generally. O in the most of the time talking over Mission Matters. Also went over to Jamiesons to make known a number of things concerning our work--- Studied Geological Specimen under the microscope. Dr. Rennie and Martin came in for a while--- In the eve. I invited Ang-kau-sai to a meal in the Kitchen. He wept, poor man and quite blind. My very heart went out towards him. He left by boat actually crying the whole time. Many a pleasant day we had together and many a hard days work running from place to place attending to so much at once----Now all done forever.

We all sang together. Joy and sorrow moved.

1888.01.03 Tues.

Ther. 56'-

A cool charming day everything so lovely----wrote and meditated much on Geology and Psalm 104. also Genesis 1 about the days of creation. Letter from Mr. C.A. Colman came, so I crossed over to Jamiesons (Rev. John Jamieson, 黎約翰牧師) to let him know the contents. So too, in the eve. after worship I took some time over the letter and then read and Studied much about Genesis 1st Chap. Retired quite late, meditating over all the wonders of the vast creation

1888.01.04 Wed.

Ther. 57'.

Clear sky without a single cloud in the sky. No more charming day could be found beneath the sun. Busy the whole day long.

1888.01.05 Thurs.

Ther. 60'.

A more lovely day never showed itself this time of the year. Clear sky and a regular Indian summer day. Got very early into the quarterly accounts and finished up at 10 A.M. Then after dinner at 1:30 P.M. left the house. Mrs. Mac. And children and boarded the Steam launch and soon started.

A Hoa, Sun-a and Hiap-a accompanied me. Had a very strong wind and tide against us---- about 5 P.M. Arrived at Sek-khau (錫口/松山) and called on Seng (生,蔡生)the preacher, met O there and went on board again and at dark arrived Tsui-tng-kha(水返腳/汐止). Had tea conversed a good long while then in the launch lay down to sleep. But never had such a time with rats. Actually kept biting my fingers etc.

1888.01.06 Fri.

Ther. 61'.

Another charming day. Nothing could surpass it. Arose at 5 A.M. and had a hasty porridge meal then came on to Kelung (基隆)chapel. Soon Cap. Gaetz and Dr. Warburg called on me.

After dinner A Hoa, Sun-a and myself went over to Palm Island. What a kind welcome I got from the people all were so delighted to see us. We returned and I went to see Cap. Gaetz etc.-- and toward eve. got back again to the chapel. The day quite sultry and so much like an Indian summer day in Canada. In the eve. when quite a number assembled in the chapel I addressed them and after consulting about the chapel and Singing Some time I retired-----

Bap. 5

1888.01.07 Sat.

Ther. 56'. At 6 A.M. and at noon it rose to 74'. Made a very early start though it was very chilly with heavy dew on the grass and trees. The sun arouse in full splendor and we trudged along till at noon. 12 A.M. We were on the top of the mountain where we halted for some time, then came on and at 2: 30.P.M. we arrived at the Teng-siang-khoe (頂雙溪)chapel and in one hour up came Dr. Warburg from Hamburg and he was busy at his Botanical Specimen whilst I went on with my mission work-----

In the eve. the chapel was packed full and I preached to them, then baptized five in all. One old man seemed quite overcome and indeed all were so much interested and confessed Christ with so much fervor and determination that it was very encouraging. Retired when quite late wearied enough.

Bab. 15+9=24