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9/01 Tues. 1

Fine morning. Tan- He (陳火) came out and at 5 P.M. Mr. G. (吳威廉牧師)Two elder, Giam, Sun and Kau met in my study to discuss Mission matters.

9/02 Wed. 2

Dr. Myers called at 10 A.M. Hos. at noon. Very hot.

9/03 Thurs. 3

Hos. at noon. Prepared prescrip. For Dr. Myers. Bissmuthi, Subnitras Ziv. In 24 powders, div. In pulv: XXIV.

9/04 Fri. 4

Tan-He (陳火)wrote a letter stating that on the 1st 30 or 40 Rebels came out and seized So kim-seng (蘇金生)and two sons. They said send $ 600 to Kim-koe-liau (金瓜寮)within 3 days or they will be killed.

Thereupon U-lo-so (雨露嫂) and family came out here and we put them up in the College back rooms. Kau-a (柯玖)

9/05 Sat. 5

Kau and I went in the afternoon at 1 P.M. to Lam-kham (南崁) where we arrived at 6.30 P.M. good meeting, but many away from home. Still 50 sat quietly whilst I spoke on Xt.(基督) And His love.

9/06 Sun. 6

We went to KhiN-a (坑仔)an hour walk away. A house given by the people for a chapel was packed full. Rain came on. We went to IN-khut-a(圓窟仔) at 7 P.M. 40 were there tho wet. One woman very active.

9/07 Mon. 7

We went to Pang-pi and stayed a while then passed thr. Sin-tsng and saw the newly rented chapel being repaired and went on to Bang-kah where at 7 P.M. 90 met in the Tau-pak-chhu chapel.

9/8 Tues. 8

Gong-a(戇仔) went with us by train to Kelung(雞籠). Eve. meeting Japanese and native present.

9/9 Wed. 9

Repairing Chapel 70 at eve. meeting went to Ko-chin’s(高振) place.

9/10 Thurs. 10

Fine weather. Repair chapel. Eve. meeting 60 or 70 present. I went all around.

9/11 Fri. 11

Fine day, repairing chapel.

9/12 Sat. 12

I went to Kang-a-i (港仔內)and attended Ko-iong’s funeral. He was laid in a tea-field on the mt’s side. We sang ‘ I to the hills’ Lovely day.

9/13 Sun. 13

AtAt 10. A.M. Church full. 100 in all 12 Japanese— At 7 P.M. we worship 100 present. Several Japs quite drunk disturbed the meeting until I send words to the Official who sent Police at once to the Chapel and seized the fellows.

9/14 Mon. 14

Repairing the chapel.

9/15 Tues. 15

Still at work on the Chapel.

9/16 Wed. 16

Men still at work. Baron Boshn painted eight windows. SaN-kak-eng

9/17 Thurs. 17

Kau-a went to Tamsui, and at 4 P.M. Gon-a(戇仔) and I came to Bang-kah.

9/18 Fri. 18

Kau-a came in from Tamsui at 12 A.M. warm weather.

9/19 Sat. 19

Kau-a went with me on a short tour. We had dinner at Tan Han’s near. Kam-hng, then went to SaN-kak-eng(三角湧). The town was destroyed by fire at the hands of Japanese. A few new house are up, but along the main st. grass is several feet high on house sites. The chapel site was cleaned and level, Everything gone, Building, Benches, bed, tables etc. We went to a converts house a short distance in the valley and 30 met in the eve. for worship. Not one left the Gospel—

9/20 Sun. 20

WeWe met on the chapel site and sang hymns of praise. A great crowd stood around. One convert who had a narrow escape from death at the hands of Japanese soldiers is zealous tho his home is a spectacle. Pan-liau, Rain, Put out seeds.

9/21 Mon. 21

We called on the “Keng-chhat” Jap. Officer and found him pleasant. Then back to Kam-hng and arranged about a chapel. Then came on to Sin-tsng (新莊)and saw the newly rented Ch. In eve. sang an hour in Bang-kah Ch. Kawai (河合)called on me.

9/22 Tues. 22

Giam (嚴清華) came in, Kawai came at 4 P.M. to see about everything buying grow and house Eve. wet.

9/23 Wed. 23

Rain part of the day.

9/24 Thurs. 24

Kau-a and I came out to Tamsui(淡水) on a Rapid –boat. Put out cabbage, Beet, Turnip, Carrot, & lettuce seeds. Planted corn. “ Locusts”

9/25 Fri. 25

Lovely day, Dew on the grass in the morning. In the eve. planted corn.

9/26 Sat. 26

Kau-a and I went to Bang-kah. In the eve. went to E-kham (下崁) and we sang an hour.

9/27 Sun. 27

I went to Pang-kio(板橋) and on the way saw men, women and children trying to keep grasshoppers away from the rice fields which are gre? And coming out in head and ears. It was impossible to keep them away. They darkened the sky overhead when flying. When they alighted the top of rice had a dark reddish appearance. At Pang-kio I preached on the spreading of the Gospel. Then went to Sin-ching(新莊). At 3 P.M. 100 met in the Bang-kah (艋舺) church. Over a dozen Japs were there. the order of service was.

  1. Japs hymn 21 2

  2. Bible reading by Japs

  3. Chinese Hymns 52 /h4>

  4. MMr. Kawai and I speak.

  5. Japs hymn 13 and questions to two candidate for bap.

  6. I bap. Akiyama Keishi, Officer in Post Office and Shibata Banjiro, a soldier.

  7. Jap’s hymn 266. /h4>

  8. BBenedict by me. At 7 P.M. Gong-a and I went to E-kham and sang for an hour.

9/28 Mon. 28

Kau-a and I came out to Tamsui, I called on the Gauld’s Hos. at noon. Put out Scotch Kale and kohl Rabi all that were put out are up. Mr. Lyard and Mr. Gauld (吳威廉) called to see our Museum.

9/29 Tues. 29

Arranging matters about Col.

9/30 Wed. 30

At 10 A.M. Giam, He, Sun, Kau, Gauld and I met to discuss matters. Put out more seeds. Cabbage, Beets, camts, turnip. Looked over the Memorandum about chapel for the Con