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1897 01.04 乃木將軍派人前來博物館拍攝存檔。 03.04 乃木宴請馬偕和英美各國領事。1897.01.10 – 03.11 偕叡廉返台。 


1897.01.01 Fri. Hai-loong (海龍號) left at 8 A.M. Consul Layard on board. Many Japanese called. So two Mr. and Mrs. Gauld (吳威廉夫婦) came round.

1897.01.02 Sat.

Most dilightful day. Indian Summer. Hos. at noon Col. at 6 P.M.

1897.01.03 Sun.

Kau-a (柯玖) and I went by boat to Go-ko-khiN(五股坑) 45 present. I spoke on Ephe III:20

We came back in due time. Worship in Col. 6 P.M.

1897.01.04 Mon.

Dense fog in the early morning.

Afternoon Y. Tsuchiya, Captain of “Soko” white gun boat here, and Lieut. M. Yamamoto.

Adjustant to the Governor General Nogi (乃木總督) me and Photo my museum and house. They wer both very nice indeed.

L.J. Malcampo aldo called—

Worship in Col. in eve. quite full.

1897.01.05 Tues.

Formosa came in at 11 A.M. Warm clear day. We all went to meet Geo. But he was not on the board.

The new Doctor Wilkinson was tho.

He seemed pleasant. Hos. at noon. Meeting in Col. at 6 P.M.

I read till late.

1897.01.06 Wed.

Haimun(海門號) came in at 11 A.M. We all went down and Giam(嚴清華), Kau(柯玖), Sun and He(陳火/陳榮輝), went with me on board. George did not come. Formosa left at 1 P.M.

at 12 A.M. I sent a Telegram to Braidwood “ What Steamer George take” and at 4.50 P.M. I got word “ George Hailoong tomorrow”

My telegram cost $ 4.40. Col. at 6 P.M.

1897.01.07 Thurs.

Mist around till noon. Hos. Cutting hedge beside the public road –

Col. in eve. 50 present.

1897.01.08 Fri.

Still fine. Hos.Oxford Col. Examina: Fr. 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.


George came home Sun. 10

1897.01.09 Sat.

Mist in the morning.

Kau-a(柯玖), a number of students went with me to Bang-kah(艋舺).

1897.01.10 Sun.

In Bang-kah Church at 10 A.M. 384 Chinese and 26 Japanese men for worship. I bap. 4 Japanese women and one man. Besides I bap. 36 Chinese the oldest being years of age the youngest being . Kawai (河合龜輔) took part in the service. All arose and went outside then came in for Communion. We observed the Lord’s Supper and after singing a hymn dispersed.

It was a grand meeting 106 communed. We came out to Tamsui by launch; but the Hai-loong was in first and George (偕叡廉) and Chheng-gi (陳清義)were a head of us. And came to meet us—

Worship in Col. at 6 P.M. 45 present.

1897.01.11 Mon.

R. Isobe, Chief of police in Taihoku (台北)etc. Called on me. Hos. at noon Mist and drippling rain.

Dr. Wilkinson Earthquake 18 at 6.50 A.M. Snow雪 on Toa-tun(大屯山)

1897.01.12 Tues.

At 11 A.M. Dr. Wilkinson came to the Hos. Foot-ball at 3 P.M. Col. eve.

1897.01.13 Wed.

Hos. at noon. George went over Wercues with me. Oxford Col. at 6 P.M.

1897.01.14 Thurs.

Wet and cloudy .Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.01.15 Fri.

Some rain. Wet and cloudy.

1897.01.16 Sat.

Dry weather .Hos. Oxford Col.

1897.01.17 Sun.

I preached in Chapel at 9.30. Ps. 55.22—75 present.

2 P.M. in Col. on Acts. II: 20-21

and 6 P.M. on Acts XII: 7 in Col.

1897.01.18 Mon.

Ther. 50’ and less 45’

Snow on Tai-tun (大屯山).

Earthquake at 6. A.M. Hos. and Col.

Visited by Sec. British Legation Peking. Consul. Etc.

1897.01.19 Tues.

Cold, snow on Tai-tun. Hos. Dr. Wilkinson there. Col. in eve. Went over lessons with George(偕叡廉).

1897.01.20 Wed.

Clear weather. Went over lessons with George. Hos. at noon. I spoke in the eve. Acts III: 3. Some rain.

1897.01.21 Thurs.

Mist in the morning. Hos. Col. in eve.

1897.01.22 Fri.

At 11 A.M. H.B.M. Consul Henry A.C.Bonar. ( Lilias W. Boonar Mrs.)

W. Beauclard British Legation Peking and J. Farrow called to see my museum and then went to see the Col. I called a number of students to meet and they sang “ For ever. 41 and a verse of 4 and 22 native tunes. The visitors were great pleased.

Beauclark game some red cloth he had intend for Savages to be given to Girls in the school.

It is very useful to see such men visit Mission work.

1897.01.23 Sat.

Hos. Quite mild all day.

1897.01.24 Sun.

Wet and disagreeable all day. I preached in Chapel on Isaial 64. 6 and eve. Oxford Col. on Act. XIV.15 “ The living God”

1897.01.25 Mon.

Still wet. Hos. at noon. Worship in the eve. Geo. Read Gram: Geogra etc.

1897.01.26 Tues.

George studied Grammar, Geogra. Etc. Hos. at noon. Dr. Wilkinson there. Worship in Oxford Col. in eve.

1897.01.27 Wed.

Rather a fine day. Hos. and Col. in eve.

1897.01.28 Thurs.

Lovely day. Went over lessons with George. Hos. Col. in eve. mist.

1897.01.29 Fri.

Mist in the morning, Hos. and Col.

1897.01.30 Sat.

Dr. Wilkinson at Hos. Col. in eve.

Pak-li-hun bap.

1897.01.31 Sun.

Kau-a (柯玖) and George and I went to Pat-li-hun(八里坌). I spoke on Mt. XXVI:26

Bap.Then Lord’s Supper.

There were upwards 50 at service. We returned and in eve. met in Col. Hall. I spoke on Acts XV:1

Very mild weather all day.

George read with me Third book about “ My brother P. 82

He committed it to memory.

Feb. 1897

1897.02.01 Mon.

Quite warm tho. Misty. Hos. noon Col. in eve. We sang and I spoke on rain and mist.

Read with George 3rd book. Page. 82

1897.02.02 Tues.

Cold and wet George went over some Geography with me.

Chinese New Year.

“ Inclement Sky”

In Col. at 6 P.M. Then George read and recited 3rd. book 82 “ Child’s first grief” Then read “ Around the fire one”

1897.02.03 Wed.

Wet and cloudy. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. 6 P.M. Then George read 3rd book Child’s first grief and the “Beggar man’ “ around the fire”

1897.02.04 Thurs.

Stormy, wet, and cold all night. So today. Mist and “ dirty weather” Tan He(陳火/陳榮輝) came out and we talked about the mission. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve. at 6 P.M. Cold, Misty, Windy day with rain.

1897.02.05 Fri.

Still wet and cold. Tan He (陳火/陳榮輝) and Elder left at 10 A.M. Stormy day.

Hos. at noon. Col. at 6 P.M.

1897.02.06 Sat.

Cold; but sky clearing off.

Kau-a, George and I went to Bang-kah.(艋舺) Wet and disagreeable.

1897.02.07 Sun.

I spoke in Bang-kah (艋舺) Ch. at 10 A.M. church full.

We came out in the afternoon. Rain! Rain!!Rain!!!

Consul Bonar sent for me to see him 9.30 P.M.

1897.02.08 Mon.

Rain. Mist. It rained all night and is still cloudy and wet. Hos. at noon. I went to see the Consul Mr. Bonar he was better. Stormy day. Col. 6 P.M.

1897.02.09 Tues. 9

Mist on the mountains, Rain! Rain!!Rain!!!

Hos. at noon. Dr. Wilkinson there.

Eve. our family alone met in room and sang a hymn etc.

Snow Planting corn Earthquake

1897.02.10 Wed.

Cold, Rain, Mist or Fog.

Rain and wind all night. Hos. at noon. Met in noon ourselves. Three children sang a hymn.

1897.02.11 Thurs.

Cold and Stormy all night.

Snow on the North Hill “ Hai-loong”(海龍號) still out and was outside the “ bar” all day yesterday—

Clear,Cold day, ther. 50’ at noon in the house. George went with me to the Hos. at noon. Met in Col. Hall in the eve. very cold.

1897.02.12 Fri.

Snow on the “ North Hill” Fine cold weather. Ther. 40’ outside last night at 10 P.M. at 2 P.M. Dr. Wilkinson operated for Fistula. 6 P.M. all met in the Col.

1897.02.13 Sat.

Cool, clear charming day.

1897.02.14 Sun.

Earthquake last night at midnight.

Lovely day quite warm. He-io-a bap. 12

Kau-a(柯玖), George and I went to He-io-a (灰窯仔) there were 66 present in all.

I bap. 12 then observed the Lord’s Supper.

1897.02.15 Mon.

Mist in the morning cleared off through the day. Appearance of rain towards eve.

1897.02.16 Tues.

Mist and rain all day. Went to Col. at 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. Dr. Wilkinson ??

1897.02.17 Wed.

Still some mist and heavy rains.

1897.02.18 Thurs.

Rain thr. The night. Clearer. 8 A.M. George wet over the verb. To do

And Geo. Of Europe. Hos. at noon.

Col. in eve. Stormy.

1897.02.19 Fri.

Stormy and wet all night.

Dreary and wet all night.

Dreary wet hazy morning.

1897.02.20 Sat.

Dreary and wet all day long. Tamsui weather. Col. in eve.

1897.02.21 Sun.

I preached in Col. Hall and bap. eleven.

Sub. LukeXII:32

At 2 P.M. ,, IX.62,,

,, 6 P.M. XII. 8

Rain all day—dark at night.

Thunder and lightening.

1897.02.22 Mon.

Mist. Rain, Rain, drain from outside the wall at the back running water. Water on surface of the ground all over. Hos. at noon. Col. in eve.

1897.02.23 Tues.

Cloudy. Spent an hour with George at grammar and Geography.

Hos. Dr. Wilkinson there. Col. 6 P.M.

1897.02.24 Wed.

Mist in the morning. Rather dry. Geo. Lan. Hos. noon. Two Japanese came and spent the afernoon. Col. in eve.

1897.02.25 Thirs.

Still dreary, wet weather. Taught George Hos. noon. Col. eve.

Lun-a-teng Bap. 5 Lord’s supper

1897.02.26 Fri.

Murky wet weather. Taught George at 8 A.M. Hos. noon. Col. at 6 P.M.

After worship George read about Releigh bringing potatoes from America.

1897.02.27 Sat.

Still wet, Clouds on the top of Quanyin(觀音山). George, Kau-a (柯玖)and I went by steam launch to Bang-kah(艋舺) . Went all through the town and City.

1897.02.28 Sun .

Came forenoon to Lun-a-teng (崙仔頂)by rapid boat—40 at worship. I bap. 5 and then we had communion. Came out afterwards to Tamsui. Mist and clouds all day—Met in Col. at 6 P.M.

March ,1897

Closed Col. eve. 2 I.E. those who are drilling left.

1897.03.01 Mon.

Fog very dense. George read am hour with me. Hos. Col. at 6 P.M.

Cap. F. Schaefer called to see me at the house.

1897.03.02 Tues.

Mist, wind, rain, dreary, dirty weather.

Taught Geo. 8 A.M. – 9 A.M.

Hos. at noon Dr. Wilkinson present. Col. at 6 P.M.

Telegram from Baron Nogi(乃木)

Invitation to dinner.

1897.03.03 Wed.

Four Elders, Revs. Giam(嚴清華), Tan (陳火/陳榮輝) and Gauld(吳威廉) met with Sun-a, Kau-a (柯玖) and myself in Study-room to talk over Mission matters. Col. in eve. tho many left.

1897.03.04 Thurs.

Murky weather. Rain last night. Kau-a and I went to Bang-kah(艋舺). Dr. Wilkinson came for me to Bang-kah. We went to the German Consulate and he gave Choroform wjilst I extr. The tooth. An upper molar---

Dinner at Governor’s. Pak-tau bap. 6 Last night in Col. first night our house since George came home

At 7 P.M. I went to Governor Nogi’s(乃木總督) to dinner. British Consul Baron, German Dr. Mertiz. And American Davidson and 6,7 or 8 Japanese Officer.

We had a good dinner and left at 10 P.M. I enjoyed the Governor and the whole dinner.

1897.03.05 Fri.

Dry day. We came out by launch. Hos. at noon. Called on Gauld’s (吳威廉) Col. 6 P.M. not many there.

1897.03.06 Sat.

Lovely day. Sunshining. Met in our house for worship.

1897.03.07 Sun.

Kau-a, George and I went to Pak-tau(北投). I bap. 6. Observed the Lord’s Supper 50 present at worship. Dinned at O-phong’s Then came out to Tamsui.

Worship in our house at 6 P.M. Hai-loong (海龍號)in.

1897.03.08 Mon.

Fine day—Geo. Exercise. Hos. noon.

In our house at worship 6 P.M.

George left on the Haimun at 2.45 P.M.

1897.03.09 Tues.

Twenty five years ago today I landed at Tamsui.

Fine day—Kau-a, George and I went to the sea-side to fish.

Several children went along. Got nothing. “ Haimun”(海門號) came in.

– worship in my upper room.

1897.03.10 Wed.

Fog, rain and mud. Hos. at noon. Met in our house at 6 P.M. for worship, George read with me “ Poor baggar man”

1897.03.11 Thurs.

Went down to the “ Hai-mun”(海門號) with George(偕叡廉), Called on the Gauld’s on the way—Steamer left at 2.45. P.M. Dense fog all over.

1897.03.12 Fri.

Cold and wet. Cloudy and storming. Hos. at noon—Met in our house for worship.

1897.03.13 Sat.

Stormy all night. Wet. Kau-a and I went to Bang-kah(艋舺)

Worship in our house.

Sek-khau bap. 10

1897.03.14 Sun . Kau-a and I went to Sek-khau(錫口/松山). I bap. ten and then obsrved the Lord’s supper….50 present. Came out to Tamsui(淡水), arrives at dark. Wet.

Japanese Dr. Fixed up Miss. rooms for himself. He was absent—

1897.03.15 Mon.

Fog all around.—Hos. at noon.

Worship in our house at 6 P.M.

1897.03.16 Tues.

Fog. Hos. Wilkinson there. ‘ Formosa’ came in. Worship in our house.

1897.03.17 Wed.

Fog. Nearly all day. Hos. at noon. Worship in eve.

1897.03.18 Thurs.

Fog. Rather fair – Hos. Wilkinson there.

Worship in our house—

1897.03.19 Fri.

Rain last night—

Kau-a and I went bu Launch to Bang-kah – Rain all the way. Cold and wet.

Tek-chham 104 at worship 51 observed the Lord’s Supper

1897.03.20 Sat.

-a and I took the train at 1.30 P.M. We were delayed and at 6 P.M. got to Tek-chham(竹塹/新竹), cold enough.

1897.03.21 Sun.

We met in the Ch. at 10 A.M. and 104 met for worship. None from out side the city—

Lord’s Supper observed 57 present.

At 3 P.M. Khe-nga-tsng(客雅庄). We met in the small house. The Children sang and a crowd stood outside.

In the eve. 7 P.M. we assembled in the Church and practice singing.

1897.03.22 Mon.

In the afternoon Li-kui(李貴), A-Mui (鍾阿妹)and Preacher from all the stations there arrived—Worship in the eve. 204 present. Grand meeting!

1897.03.23 Tues.

At 1. 50 P.M. we took the train and 6 P.M. were in Bang-kah(艋舺) Ch.

Sin-tiam Marriage Bap.—Lord’s Supper---

1897.03.24 Wed.

Kau-a went with me to Tamsui(淡水) and I to Pang-liau(枋寮), Pan-kio (板橋)and Sin Tsng(新莊).

Gun’s fired at midnight by Rebels not far from Tai-peh.

1897.03.25 Thurs.

At Bang-kah still—

1897.03.26 Fri.

Still there, weather goggy—

1897.03.27 Sat.

Sun-a, An-ki(蕭安居), Kau-a and I went to Sin-tiam(新店).

At 7 A.M. I married Siau-an(蕭安居) to Tan chin Jin (陳真仁)—

1897.03.28 Sun. 28

I preached on Ps. 55.22

Bap. 19 and observed the Lord’s Supper. 97 Members—2 u Kim—

At worship 297 in addition 50 children.

Afternoon came out to Bang-kah(艋舺).

Two schools.

1897.03.29 Mon.

Kau-a and I came out to Tamsui(淡水).

1897.03.30 Tues.

Consul Baron, Dr. Wilkinson, Asheton and I went by launch to Toa-tiu-tiaN(大稻埕) to arrange about Jubililee—

Consul came out again.

1897.03.31 Wed.

Rain at night.